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Hey guys! Tonight is another episode of Pretty Little Liars which means Red Coat Tuesday time! I also used a few vinyls from Whats Up Nails to achieve both looks below. Let's get to it!

First up I have the Lock and Key Vinyls/Stickers
These were easy to apply as stickers. Only downside is I had to redo the middle nail twice because the first time I did it I added a top coat. Bad Idea! It made the vinyls swell and loose shape. So I re did the nail and didn't top coat it. Downside to that, for me at least, would be wear time. Without a top coat nothing stays on my nails, what so ever, not even glitter polishes. So unless it was just my top coat, which I doubt because I've never had issues using it over vinyl stickers before then I wouldn't expect the stickers to last long on the nail without some sort of lifting.

Polishes Used:
CDB Lacquer-un released Gold 
Elysian Lacquer-Misapplied Magic
Wet'n'Wild- Matte Top Coat

Next is the Infinite Heart Stickers

I loved the way these turned out! But again like above, I couldn't use a top coat. I tried a different brand top coat this time and again the sticker swelled, lifted and started to loose shape. But these stickers did last at least 24 hours without them lifting so that's a plus. May have lasted longer but I had to take them off to do another mani.

Polishes Used:
Pure Ice-Silver Star
Wet'n'Wild- Matte Top Coat

Overall, I loved the way the manis turned out but I was definitely bummed with the reaction the stickers had to the top coats. The top coats I used were Glisten and Glows as well as Wet'n'Wilds glossy top coat and both made the stickers freak out. On Whats Up Nails Site it does state you can use a top coat to prevent lifting so maybe there is a specific top coat that needs to be used? I tried both a fast drying as well as a regular one. If I can get a top coat to work then I'll be 100% satisfied with these stickers, otherwise I most likely wont use them again unless its to just do a quick mani that I wont be planning to keep on long. BUT you don't have to use these as stickers! You can also use them as vinyls which don't stay on your nail and you just use to create the image and then pull the vinyl off so its not a total loss!

For more info on Whats Up Nails please check out the links below for more info!

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  1. Gorgeous manis! I need to get some of those vinyls!

  2. Alright I need those vinyls, they're perfection.
    And I absolutely adore the manicures!

  3. These are adorable! I saw them on instagram earlier and liked it too :D

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