Digit-al Dozen Spring | Day 3

Nothing to Disclose
Hello loves! Its the third day of Digit-al Dozen Spring! And what better mani to express Spring then an Easter mani? no sah just kidding, I actually had a hard time coming up with ideas for this prompt and the bestie Rose reminded me that Easter was this month haha hence the Easter mani! dur! Thanks Rose for the help!! lol 
I started out by painting a pastel green and blue for a base. I then free hand painted everything using acrylic paint and sealed it with a glossy top coat. I have seriously been enjoying getting back into painting more freehand designs lately, getting back to my roots so to speak.

Polishes & Products Used:
CDB Lacquer- Unreleased pastel blue
CDB Lacquer- Unreleased pastel green
Apple Barrel- Acrylic Paint
Glisten and Glow- Glossy Top Coat

I know its not perfect but I'm just getting back into the swing of freehand painting full manis and have the shakes while doing so. I used to be able to paint freehand with no issues but now I feel like I'm having to retrain my hand lol ah well, its still fun! I hope you all like it too! Thanks for stopping by! XO

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  1. I attempted some Easter eggs decals yesterday evening, and now I know a way to use them! Well, if everything goes right haha! Loving this look!

  2. This is probably the cutest little bunny I've seen in my whole life.

  3. Cute! I can't believe Easter is this month; it's so early!! Anyway, this mani is super cute-- I love all the eggs you did! I am in awe of your freehand skills!

  4. So cute I've missed seeing your freehand manis.

  5. This is a gorgeous mani! I always love seeing your free hand work!

  6. Gah, that bunny is so stinking cute!! I love him!


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