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***WARNING*** If you can't stand looking at feet then do not read this post! This post is entirely on a review for Pedi Spacers which means photos of feet and toes will be shown! lol

Hi loves! A little over a month ago I was sent a few Pedi Spacers from Dip Into Pretty to review. Pedi Spacers are the little separators you put between your toes while painting your nails to avoid smudging. I'm used to using your traditional one piece toe separators but these adorably decorative spacers were more fun and in my opinion easier to use. Read on for my opinion!

Like it says on the back of the box(shown in photo above) These are used to avoid accidental smudging, are comfortable to move in and also come with a little travel/storage bag.

I really enjoyed how it wasn't one solid piece and they were little individual pieces. It made it much easier to walk around in so I could actually go on about my day waiting for them to dry. Of course you still walk a little funny with them on but In my opinion its easier to walk with these then in the traditional ones.

It made removing them a lot easier(I'm the doofus that usually doesn't wait long enough for my nails to dry and while removing the traditional once piece I would get it stuck and end up smudging my nails. pretty much every time *face palm*) but these don't do that! They are super easy to remove one at a time!

Not only that, but look how freaking cute they are! And they have a TON of different designs to choose from!

Here was my finished pedi. of course I had to make them match my spacers! haha!

You can purchase each set(comes with 8 pieces) for $12.99. For more info on these super cute Pedi Spacers please check out the links below!

Thank you for stopping by! XO

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