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Hey guys! Today I have reviews on a couple products from Lady Queen to share with you! First up we have...
Item # NA0375 $2.45

I cut the strips to fit over the white stripes I painted on my nails. They applied really easily and are of good quality!

1. Paint your nails with a clear base coat or a color of your choice.
2. Cut the Nail Decal to size allowing for some excess to trim.
3. Soak the Nail Decal in warm water for 30-60 seconds.
4. Remove from water, pat dry on a tissue and peel design from backing paper.
5. Position onto nail and smooth down with finger and trim excess with nail scissors.
6. Apply generous coats of clear top coat to protect your beautiful new design.
7. Enjoy it!

Next up is
Item # NA0164 $1.99

I applied these over a fun and bright reverse french mani. They are of good quality and very easy to apply. They are a little big for my tiny nail bed but still workable.

You apply these using a polish or nail glue as an adhesive and seal them on with a top coat.

Overall, I enjoyed both products. My favorite was the tear drop 3D decor. They are so bright and perfect for the upcoming summer season! 

You can also receive 15% off your order with code QWUS15!

For more info on lady Queen please visit the links below!

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  1. The rainbow houndstooth has a Lisa Frank feel to it, but I love it! Very fun!

  2. This Houndstooth Water Decals looks great. Super cool idea with this mani :-)

  3. These water decals are so adorable and the tear drop nail decorations are just lovely!

  4. I like what you did with the neon studs!

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