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Hey guys! Today I have a handful of lovely floral Nail Wraps from Nicole Diary to share with you. Nicole Diary sells their items on amazon and Aliexpress online stores, you can check the links out at the bottom of the page. 

This is also my "Floral" post for The Lacquer Ring. I figured what better time to use these cute wraps then for a floral prompt :)

First I did these turquoise and black rose wraps. I love this classic look. I applied one coat of a white polish before applying to the nail.

Next up are these lovely rose wraps. These ones had a white background but I applied one coat of a dark purple underneath 3 nails to darken the white a little.

Next are these simple but cute red and yellow flowers. I decided to cut these ones so I could use them as french tips. I applied white underneath and added a red stripe along the edge of each wrap.

And Lastly, My favorite of the four. I loved these because they were simple black flowers witha clear background which meant I could do a fun base background. I decided on a pink, yellow and green gradient.

Here is a video showing you how I used these wraps! Please don't forget to subscibe for more nail art videos!

Overall, I think they were very easy to work with and good quality water wraps. I didn't experience any tearing and they held up perfectly to a top coat(which in my experience a lot of decals/wraps distort or shrink after applying the top coat)

You can purchase these wraps at there shops below!

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