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Hey there guys! Today I have a base coat from Powder Perfect to share with you! 
A little over 4 weeks ago I received this Fortifying Base Coat to test out. This base coat is a nail strengthener that fortifies the nail bed using micro-diamond particles. These diamond particles help to reinforce the existing keratin structure of the nail, promoting nail plate growth & repelling water. The Flawless Fortifying Base Coat also helps to prolong the wear of your manicure. Results can be expected after 4 weeks of use. The Flawless Fortifying Base Coat can be worn two ways; It can be applied as your regular base coat 2-3 times per week & worn under your nail polish. OR it can be applied regularly for two weeks, then remove for 5 days, repeating as necessary. 

To test it out, I decided to use it on my recently broken and not nearly as well taken care of cindy nails lol. Figured they would be the ones to show the most improvement while using it. And I was right! Here is my Day 1 photo. Shown with just one coat.

My middle and pointer nails recently broke at the corners right before I started this test. When that happens I usually completely nub out otherwise the corners, which are now weak, will just continue to break unless I start fresh. For testing purposes I decided to keep them as is and apply the Fortifying Base Coat.

When applying I also made sure that when I started to get tips again to also apply the base underneath and around the edges of the nails and not just the bed of the nail itself. Every 5-6 days I removed it. gave myself a good mani soak and oil then re-applied. and repeated this until my last use which was last night. Given me about 4 weeks of test time.

Here is my Last photo. After about 4 weeks of use.

As you can see I got significant nail growth and the corners on my middle and pointer didn't break/crack any further. I did however have to file the corner of my ring nail, BUT that was my fault, I sliced the corner with a knife *sigh* so please ignore that nail because the corner being gone has nothing to do with this base coat. I'm pretty sure no base coat could have saved that nail from the knife haha!

I am extremely satisfied with these results and will no doubt be using this in place of my OPI Nail Envy, which is what I was using prior to this. The OPI has harsher chemicals and in my opinion smells awful! Powder Perfects Fortifying Base Coat achieved the same results, even better in my opinion, and is healthier for both you and your nails.

My recommendation is to definitely try this out if you are having trouble growing your nails due to constant breaks/cracks. You just have to be consistent and make it a part of your nail routine otherwise it may not work properly.

Here is a side by side :)

This is available for $10.50

For more info please check out the links below!

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