Born Pretty Store | Bow Plate Review

Press Sample
Hey loves! Today I have a review on a cute bow plate I received from the Born Pretty Store.
Item # 20035 $1.99

For the first mani I decided to use these cute little ribbon type bows. These bows felt very girly to me so I wanted to create a fun and playful type mani. I hope I achieved that. The bows look like they didn't stamp all that well but I assure you they transferred perfectly from the plate to my stamper but ended up not transferring well from the stamper to the nail, that was my stampers fault, not the plate lol For some reason my stamper head has been struggling to transfer images because the polish is drying too quickly. I blame that on the weather here, its summer so AC is on in the house making the air pretty cool and most likely the drying polish quicker then usual. I'm going to have to start working faster with my stamping! lol

Polishes and Products Used:
KB Shimmer- Bahama Drama
KB Shimmer- How You Dune?
KB Shimmer- Make My Gray
Virago Varnish- Custom Polish
Glisten and Glow- Top Coat

And next is my favorite mani of the two!

When I seen these bow tie type bows my geeky brain immediately thought of the eleventh Doctor from my favorite tv show, Doctor Who and his famous quote "Bow ties are Cool!" I had so much fun achieving this look. It took a lot of time but was worth it! I created this entire mani making decals on my uber chic mat. 

Polishes and Products Used:
Jessica Cosmetics- Shark Tooth
MDU- Black and Red Stamping Polish
Apple Barrel- Acrylic Paint
Powder Perfect- Matte Top Coat

Overall, I had fun using this plate and will definently be using it tons in future manis. This plate is only $1.99 at the Born Pretty Store.

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