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Hey guys! Today I have a review for Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Stamper to share with you. I'm going to get right into it since this review is mostly done by video. 

The Clear Jelly Stamper is Item #24130 and is $2.99 for both the stamper as well as a scraper.

The purpose of a clear stamper head is so that you have more control with aligning images onto your nails. When you look through the hole at the top of the stamper you can see all the way through to the design. For a more in depth review please watch the video below! 

Images picked up and transferred really well. I'm pretty sure clear jelly head stampers are now my favorite stampers. Being able to see exactly where you are applying it helps tremendously with designs. Especially with images such as the ones shown on my middle and ring nails.

Here's a close up of them all

Check out this video for more info and to watch the stamper in action!

Born Pretty Store

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