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Hey there loves! Today I have a review for some Born Pretty Store stamping polishes. I have had my eyes on trying these out for SO long so when I had the chance to review them of course I jumped onto that opportunity! Let's Get Started shall we?

I was sent the Black Stamping polish(#3) The White Stamping polish(#4) Both from Item # #22179 $4.99 each as well as a scraper(Item #21872) $.99
As for the White Stamping Polish. Unfortunately the bottle came caked with polish around its neck and smeared all over the sides of the bottle. I had a hard time getting the cap off. To me it looked used or at least not filled properly so this did kind of sadden me. 

As for the Black Stamping Polish, this one came perfectly fine and filled.

As you can see from the photos below, both polishes worked great! Very opaque and they dried at the perfect speed for me. Very little "transfer gaps".

Now to quickly discuss the scraper. I love it! As you can see from the photos below as well as the photos above, it scrapes very well leaving a clean image for the stamper to pick up.

Overall, I was satisfied with how both polishes as well as the scraper worked and I will be using everything very often. But I won't lie, I was disappointed with how the white bottle arrived because in my opinion the polish getting around the neck of the bottle as well as the rest of the outside wasn't done during shipping. It arrived completely dried and not on any of the outer wrappings which to me means this was done where its made and then sent out to me(or could have even been sent to someone who purchased it) without being checked. Not to mention because of this the polish wasn't filled all the way. That's not a very cool thing to do in my opinion =/ 

I emailed my opinion and concerns to them and will update this post with their response.

UPDATE 8/2: Here is the response I received.
"Thank you for your reply and telling me that. 
I'm sorry for that. The nail polishs are shipped in a long way and the weather is so hot. 
So the polish became dried and the polish around its nack. Hope you understand. 
We will do better in the future."

As I stated, I do not believe this was a shipping or weather incident, otherwise there wouldn't have been a polish fingerprint smudge on the side of the bottle(which you can see in the photos) and like I said, the wrappings that secured the polish during shipping would have had polish on them as well, there wasn't. I guess we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one lol. She did apologize and offer to send me a new one and stated they will do better in the future which is great. I am in no way trying to bash Born Pretty but  I am 100% honest in my reviews and my experiences with review packages and I personally don't think its professional to send out a polish that is covered in polish. I was a maker myself for over 2 years and if I sent something like that out to a reviewer or a paying customer I would have felt awful. You guys will have to come to your own conclusions and decisions on this one.

For more info please check out the links below!

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