31 Day challenge-Day 14 | Digit-al Dozen-4th Anniversary

Nothing to Disclose
Hey guys! Quick post for tonight! Here is my "Flower" prompt for the 31 Day Challenge as well as my Day 3 DIgit-al Dozen 4th Anniversary, so theme is using 4 different designs/colors/patterns ect. I went with using 4 different floral stamping patterns.

Polishes & Products Used:
Supernatural Lacquer-Medusa
Born Pretty Store- Black Stamping Polish
CDB Lacquer-Unreleased Gold Polish
Powder Perfect- Mattificent Top Coat
Winstonia- Stamping Plates Love of Henna and Wisdom of Henna

I quickly threw this one together this morning. I'm a bit behind on nail stuff so I'm spending today and tomorrow swatching away as well as trying to get ahead with challenge manis so I'm sorry if my nail art post are quick and to the point for the next day or so =/ Hope you guys still like today's mani!

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