31 Day Challenge | Day 23 | Inspired by a Movie

Nothing to Disclose
Hey ya guys! Today is day 23 of the 31 Day Challenge, prompt is "Inspired by a Movie". Well there was so many different movies I love and could have chose from but when my chronic illness is acting up like it has been this week, I like to watch my favorite movies and a few days ago I watched one of my personal favorite corny movies haha! I chose to draw my inspiration from the movie "Pitch Perfect" (the first one, I'm not a fan of the second! lol) Anyways, here was my finished look!

I wanted to use bright and fun colors since the movie is a comedy. I decided on some of my favorite neons from Pipedream polish. I used straight vinyls on my middle nail as well as half moon vinyls on my index and pinky nails. I then did the gradients on the three nails. Free hand painted the sheet music on my index and pinky nails as well as the colorful music notes. sealed it all with a glossy top coat.

Polishes & Products Used:
Pipedream Polish-Masquerader (pink)
Pipedream Polish-VIP Pass (purple)
Pipedream Polish-Light of Day (yellow)
Ellegee Polish-Rainbow Syrup (holo top coat)
Love, Angeline- Straight Vinyls
TwinkledT-Half Moon Vinyls
Apple Barrel-Acrylic Paint
Glisten & Glow-Top Coat

Anyone else like this movie? Well, thanks so much for stopping by! XO

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