31 Day Challenge | Day 29 | Inspired by The Supernatural

Nothing to Disclose
Good evening loves! Today is Day 29 of the 31 Day Challenge and the prompt is "Inspired by the Supernatural". I decided that instead of doing a spooky ghostly type mani that I would pin the tail right on the donkey so to speak lol, and did a mani inspired by the show Supernatural!

I started with a nude base and then freehand painted four of the characters shirts. From index to pinky is Castiel, Dean, Sam and Bobby. I hope you guys can tell who each nail is haha!?

Polishes & Products Used:
Pipedream Polish-Unwind
Apple Barrel-Acrylic Paint
Powder Perfect-Mattificent Top Coat

That's it! Hope you guys like! :)

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  1. I love adding 3D elements to my work! Also the fact that you describe things like "It's kind of like if the Borg went Renaissance." is why you're my fav blogger. :DOutlook Support now your problem can easily resolve by this website.


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