31 Day Challenge | Day 7 | Black & White

Nothing to Disclose
Hey guys! Today is day 7 of the 31 Day Challenge and today's prompt is Black and White. If you have been following me through this 31DC2016 then you know I have challenged myself to do days 1-10 as detailed Disney characters, so of course with the Black and White prompt I just had to do one of my favorite characters of all times, Jack Skellington!

I painted all nails with a white base. I stamped on the bats then freehand painted everything else with acrylic paint. Sealed it all with a glossy top coat.

Polishes & Products Used:
KB Shimmer-Eyes White Open
Apple Barrel-Acrylic Paint
Glisten & Glow-Top Coat
Whats Up Nails-#20 Dance Brush
(Use code CDBNAILS143 for 10% off your Whats Up Nails Purchase)

I had fun doing this one because I love me some Nightmare Before Christmas! haha! Any other NMBC fans? That's It! Thanks so much for stopping by! XO