My Nail Art Template

Hi guys! So I made this simple and organized nail art template for myself and a fellow nail addict and decided I would share it with you guys to use for your own nail art sketching! I use these to plan my manis ahead of time which helps with organization plus giving me an idea of placement on each nail ect. I use the "Mani Info" Section on the side to write notes such as polishes I want to use for it and other details. I hope you guys like!

All I ask is to please not remove the credit at the bottom of the page and try to distribute as your own! And if you use and advertise your sketches anywhere to please give me credit to the template so others know where to find it and use for themselves! 

Thanks so much loves! and enjoy! 

Download Link: CLICK ME!

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  1. I think this is an awesome template and the fact you're sharing it with others is great as well!

  2. Great idea! I have only one "but" - why 4 instead of 5 nails ? ;-)

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