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Hey loves! Quick review post this morning! A few weeks back Whats Up Nails sent me one of their new brushes from the "Dance" collection. It was the #19 Dance brush, which is a round brush that is great for cleaning up cuticles. It comes in a stylish pink and rhinestone covered handle and cap!

The bristles are made from Kolinsky sable hair that can't be damaged by acetone so you can use and clean these brushes with pure acetone or any other nail polish remover. I wanted to test this out so I have used it everyday for a few weeks for all my swatches and nail art. And it held up great! But I also want to note that with all my clean up brushes, after I use them I put oil on the bristles to keep them protected and shaped correctly when not in use.

Here is what my cuticles looked like after doing a gradient. (Before using the brush) 

So much clean up needed and I thought this was the perfect chance to photograph and show how well the clean up brush works. Now here is what my cuticles looked like after using the brush!

The brush left me with very clean and crisp clean up lines. It is thin enough to not leave a big gap between the polish and my cuticles but strong and sturdy enough to get the job done! 

I am extremely pleased with my experience and the results of this brush and will be sticking to using this one for good!

Check out the video below to see the brush in use!

The Dance Brush #19 is available now for $9.75. 
And you can use my code CDBNAILS143 for 10% off your Whats Up Nails order!
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Check out the links below for more info!

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