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Hi guys! Today I have a quick review for you. I was sent a handful of stamping plates and a couple stamping polishes from Nicole Diary to test out. Here are my thoughts on the stamping polishes!

$29.99 for 13 stamping polishes
The two polishes I chose from the set above were NS05 and NS11

The plate I used for the testing was

Let's start with the polish review. I loved the colors and when I opened the polishes they looked like they would stamp great based on how opaque the formula looked on the brush. But weirdly enough, they were hit or miss. Below is photos shown of me testing both polishes using 4 different type of stampers.

It seems like only one of my stampers would pick up the images pretty close to perfect every time, which is the rectangle one. And sadly, I do not use that stamper because it it too firm for my very strong c-curve nails. A close second was my Creative Shop stamper(the round one on the bottom right of each photo) This is the stamper I used to create the mani below.

As you can see, there were a lot of missing pieces. In my personal opinion, I think the polish was a little too far on the thin side so the stampers had a hard time lifting the images. As for the plate I used, I used this place numerous times with other brand stamping polish and the patterns picked up very well so I enjoyed the plate. 

For more info, check out the links below!

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  1. Does your Nicole Diary (Rose Gold) nail polish come from the United States?

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