Digit-al Dozen | Decades | Day 3

Nothing to Disclose
Hey groovy dudes! haha Can you tell what I chose for my third Digital Dozen 'Decade' mani? haha! I chose the fun loving hippy era, the 1960's this time around! This is one of the manis I had designed in my head since I knew we were doing this theme and couldn't wait to get to it! Check it out below!

I wanted to do a crazy, overwhelmingly colorful collage of swirls, hearts, flowers ect. So this was the little photo I had used for inspiration.

I set myself up for a very long nail art day with this mani. I thought because I was using a stamping plate for the swirly base it would be quick and simple. Wrong! I did reverse stamping with the swirly base and it took almost 2 freaking hours to fill in all of those swirls with different colors! And then another 1.5 hours to free hand paint the hearts, stars, flowers and words! I screwed up the 2 big pink hearts so many times I thought I was going to go crazy having to re-do them over and over. One side of each heart kept looking lopsided! haha but finally got them as close to symmetrical as I could! And it was all worth it! This is by far one of my most fun and favorite looking manis I have done to date. It's so happy and bright! haha!

Polishes & Products Used:
Zoya Nail Polish-Brynn(pink)
Zoya Nail Polish-Jancyn(orange)
Zoya Nail Polish-Hannah(red)
KBShimmer-Sky Jinks(blue)
KBShimmer-Pansy Monium(purple)
Pipe Dream Polish-High Roller(green)
Pipe Dream Polish-White Water(white)
Bad Bitch Polish-In The Summertime(yellow)
Uberchic-Plate 9-03 (swirly base)
Whats Up Nails- #24 Dance Brush
Lou It Yourself-Nothing Else Matters(matte top coat)

That's it! I hope you guys like it as much as I do! What do you guys think? Does it have the 60's Hippy vibe? 

Thanks for stopping by! XO