Digit-al Dozen | Decades | Day 3

Nothing to Disclose
Hey groovy dudes! haha Can you tell what I chose for my third Digital Dozen 'Decade' mani? haha! I chose the fun loving hippy era, the 1960's this time around! This is one of the manis I had designed in my head since I knew we were doing this theme and couldn't wait to get to it! Check it out below!

I wanted to do a crazy, overwhelmingly colorful collage of swirls, hearts, flowers ect. So this was the little photo I had used for inspiration.

I set myself up for a very long nail art day with this mani. I thought because I was using a stamping plate for the swirly base it would be quick and simple. Wrong! I did reverse stamping with the swirly base and it took almost 2 freaking hours to fill in all of those swirls with different colors! And then another 1.5 hours to free hand paint the hearts, stars, flowers and words! I screwed up the 2 big pink hearts so many times I thought I was going to go crazy having to re-do them over and over. One side of each heart kept looking lopsided! haha but finally got them as close to symmetrical as I could! And it was all worth it! This is by far one of my most fun and favorite looking manis I have done to date. It's so happy and bright! haha!

Polishes & Products Used:
Zoya Nail Polish-Brynn(pink)
Zoya Nail Polish-Jancyn(orange)
Zoya Nail Polish-Hannah(red)
KBShimmer-Sky Jinks(blue)
KBShimmer-Pansy Monium(purple)
Pipe Dream Polish-High Roller(green)
Pipe Dream Polish-White Water(white)
Bad Bitch Polish-In The Summertime(yellow)
Uberchic-Plate 9-03 (swirly base)
Whats Up Nails- #24 Dance Brush
Lou It Yourself-Nothing Else Matters(matte top coat)

That's it! I hope you guys like it as much as I do! What do you guys think? Does it have the 60's Hippy vibe? 

Thanks for stopping by! XO

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  1. This totally has a 60's hippy vibe! I want to listen to Aquarius & Jimi Hendrix! :)

  2. Wow, these seriously incredible! All of that time definitely paid off, because these are amazing<3

  3. You nailed the hippies theme girl! So much vibrancy, I love it!!!

  4. All I can say is WOW. That has to be one of the most complex, beautiful, fun, pretty manis I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot!). You rock!

  5. I can't even tell you how much I love these. They're phenomenal!

  6. These are SO fun! The colors, the design! All flawless!!!

  7. These are AMAZING!
    Tracy xx

  8. Righteous! The love and happiness is clearly coming across - no grass needed <3

  9. Love these; too bad they took so long!

  10. Definitely has the 60's hippy vibe. You did such an amazing job!


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