Digit-al Dozen | Black | Day 4

Nothing To Disclose
Hi sweeties! I have another Digital Dozen 'Black' for you! This time I decided to draw inspiration from the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. I unfortunately had to do this mani twice because the dang lips were not coming out the way I wanted. My red stamping looked too dark and hard to see over the black so I redid it applying white under them first which made it so you could see them better but it also shows my lack in double stamping haha! ah well, here's my result!
cdbnails143-Marilyn Monroe
I applied a black polish to my index and pinky and a white polish to my middle and ring. I stamped the white lips onto the black and then again with a red polish. I then freehand painted the Marilyn face and dress silhouette. Sealed it all with a matte top coat.

cdbnails143-Marilyn Monroe

Bad Bitch Polish-Let's Get Crazy(black)
Bad Bitch Polish-Diamonds & Pearls(white)
MDU-Red Stamping Polish
KBShimmer-Oh Matte!(matte top coat)
Apple Barrel-Acrylic Paint
Whats Up Nails-24 Dance Brush

cdbnails143-Marilyn Monroe

That's it! hope you like! Thanks for stopping by! XO

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  1. ooh la la! Showing some leg on your nails! :) I love your themed manis all the nails are cohesive and work so well together.

  2. Love the layering you did with the lips! Plus that free hand is AMAZING!

  3. I can't double stamp worth a darn either! It seems likes its perfectly lined up, then at the last minute, my hand shifts a smidgen over and its a mess! Yours turned out great; I love those lips! The double stamping and placement just gives the look so much depth!

  4. Oh I love this! That dress silhouette is everything!

  5. These look incredible!! Your freehand work is always so stunning<3

  6. Your freehand skills are just amazing!


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