Digit-al Dozen | Get To Know Me | Day 3

Nothing to Disclose
Hey guys! It's Day 3 of Digital Dozen 'Get To Know Me' and this time around I went with one of my favorite hobby's but awful habits haha! Binge watching television series on streaming apps! Guys no joke, I don't have cable, I got rid of it because well, I can't really Binge watch on it, I have to either record the show for months on end and then watch the entire series or wait each long week. Nah dude! Aside from Doctor Who(Love it too much to wait to watch at the end of a season) every single show I watch is Binged. I fly through seasons like crazy and then feel sad when they end haha! Sooo anyways, here is my silly mani!

And the adorable little TV watching munchkin on my middle nail is inspired by one of my favorite planner stickers which you can find [here]

Zoya Nail Polish-Hannah(red)
Zoya Nail Polish-Willa(black)
KBShimmer-How You Dune?(gray)
Jessica Cosmetics-Sharks Tooth(white)
Apple Barrel-Acrylic Paint

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  1. I love this so much! I'm also a TV-aholic. How can you not be when there's so much good TV these days?!

  2. I love TV! :) Binging has made it so easy too!

  3. These look incredible!! I'm so weird with binging tv shows, like I can go months without watching anything and then other times I'll get obsessed with something and finish it in a week haha. I will say that I'm mad at Netflix right now though! I haven't seen any episodes of Doctor Who with the 12th doctor and I was only on season 5 of The X-Files when they got taken off D:


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