Digit-al Dozen | Get To Know Me | Day 4

Nothing To Disclose
Hey guys! I'm a day behind on posting My Digital Dozen manis! eek! I did the manis and then forgot to freaking post! It's been a long week lol. Anyways, this was yesterdays 'Get To Know Me' mani. This time I went with a mandala pattern because one of my favorite things to do to unwind before bed is color in my mandala coloring books with gel pens or colored pencils. It's so very relaxing and helps me bring my anxiety levels down so I can try and sleep better. Anyone else do this too?

Virago Varnish-Monstrous(dark coral)
Virago Varnish-Hideous(orange)
Virago Varnish-Highlighter of My Life(yellow)
Virago Varnish-Seashore Shenanigans(blue)
Salon Perfect-Oil Slick(black)
Lina Nail Art Supplies-Mad For Mandalas Plate

That's it! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. My mom loves coloring, I always get her books for presents and she loves them. :) This is stunning!


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