Digital Dozen | May Birthday

Nothing to Disclose
Hey guys! I hope everyone had a good weekend! This week starts my vacation from nail work which means I will still be posting throughout the week but I will not be doing any swatching or nail art all week. Just taken a break and spending some time with the hubs while he is also on vacation from work. This is very much needed! lol

Anyways, Today I have this months Digital Dozen Birthday mani to share with you. This month we are celebrating my birthday! I am the only May baby in the Digital Dozen group so I got to choose the inspiration and I decided on this fun bright and glowy photo! 

I had originally done this so it glowed in the dark but my cheapo glow polish from Walmart decided not to work *sigh* ah well, I still think its cute! 

Check out the other Birthday Manis below!


  1. Wow I'm impressed! I am still so freaked out by the pic, but you totally nailed it!

  2. This was a hard photo, but I love all the different ways we interpreted it. :) I love your take on it! I hope you had an amazing birthday love!

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