Digital Dozen | Paper | Day 1

Hey guys! I know a double post today! This will be happening on and off the rest of this week, sorry! :( Today I have my Day one of Digital Dozen 'Paper' to share with you! This prompt kind of left me scratching my head and I'm actually still trying to think of one more mani to do lol but today I hit the tail right on the donkey so to speak and did, well, paper nails haha

I first started with a white base. I then stamped on the red and blue lines. Using a tiny dotting tool I then made the three punched out holes. Sealed it all with a matte top coat.

Bad Bitch Polish-Diamonds and Pearls(white)
KBShimmer-Chilly Pepper(red)
Zoya Nail Polish-Dory(blue)
KBShimmer-Oh Matte!(matte top coat)
Lina Nail Art Supplies-Plate Feeling Shapely! 01

My stamping skills need some work haha looks like a drunk person made the lines on my paper haha!

That's it! Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to check out the other DD ladies below! 

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