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Hey guys! Today I have a few nail and hair related products from ToSave to share with you. is an online e-commerce company offering tens of thousands of categories products including beauty products, electronics, computer accessories, video games, iPhone accessories, flashlight, communications products ect. I was sent a handful of beauty products to review and today I have three of those items to share with you!

First up are these

These have become the only way I remove nail polish that I have had on for over a day. Especially those pain in the butt to remove glitter polishes! This method is similar to the aluminum foil method where you put acetone on a cotton ball and wrap each nail in foil and let sit for a few minutes and it helps remove the polish. But you would use these clips instead of the foil. Below is a quick walk through of how I use them.

I first started out with a glitter polish that I had on for 4 days.

Now you all know that if I were to try to remove this glitter with just cotton balls and acetone it would take forever and I would end up with red and raw cuticles from all the rubbing. Well instead, I put some acetone on a cotton ball then apply the cotton ball to my nail.

I then take the clip and attach it to the tip of my finger, making sure it closes around the cotton ball.

Depending on the polish I keep them on from anywhere between 3-5 minutes. I don't usually need more then 5 min. I also want to make note, that the acetone I use has acetone additive added to it to help keep the moisture in my nails and cuticles and I highly recommend doing the same so you don't dry out your skin too much. If you don't have acetone additive simply adding some cuticle oil to your cuticles before applying the cotton balls with do the same thing.

Once my time is up I remove the clip and slide the cotton ball in a downwards direction applying some pressure and viola! This is all that's left on my nail!

Cool huh? Takes me so much less time to remove polish now and my cuticles don't become super red and raw from all the rubbing.

These clips are available in 4 different colors. Each set comes with 10 clips for $1.34
You can purchase them [here]


Next I have these

And here is the mani I did using these stickers.

My thoughts on these are they are pretty and I like the 3D embossed look it gives to the nails. I do however think there is one downside. If you have a strong c-curve such as myself then the full stickers meant to fit the entire nail(my middle nail) don't fit correctly. The stickers lift up at the edges unfortunately and I had to wrinkle the sticker in numerous places to try and get it to fully stick. The rest of the smaller  stickers applied perfectly fine though and had no lifting.


And last up are these

Unfortunately, I had a very hard time using these. I watched numerous youtube videos with similar products and they all made it look so easy. I tried over and over and could not get them to work properly for me. The buttons at the end wouldn't stay clipped no matter what I did. I have very long hair(down to my waist) so I thought it was because maybe I had too much hair. So I tried it on a very small amount of hair and still the clips kept coming undone. I was bummed these didn't work because I pretty much always have my hair in either a bun or a braid and these would have made my buns look even and stylish. They may work for shorter hair but I have no way to tell but this set of 2(2 different sizes) are only $1.84 so if you want to try for yourself you wouldn't be spending too much money. I just wish their description would state whether or not hair length is a factor or not.


Well that's it!

For more info on please check out the link below!

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