Supernatural Lacquer | July Polish Pickup

Hey guys! I know, two post in one day but this is a short one! Tonight I have Supernatural Lacquer's contribution to July's Polish Pickup! The Polish Pickup is a Facebook group where makers create a polish based on a certain theme and all of the polishes are sold in the Polish Pickup store at the beginning of each month. Customers then get to pick which polishes they want and pay a flat rate shipping of $3, awesome right!? July’s theme is Cocktails & Mocktails and this was Stefanie's Inspiration photo.

Supernatural Lacquer-The Witch's Heart
Supernatural Lacquer-The Witch's Heart

Described as a purple base with a purple/red/bronze chameleon shift polish with red micro flakes and holographic pigment. 
Shown here in two coats plus top coat. Great formula and applied well.
Dries semi glossy with texture. A coat of top coat needed for a full glossy finish.

Supernatural Lacquer-The Witch's Heart
Supernatural Lacquer-The Witch's Heart

All of the July Polish Pickup polishes release
July 7th at 11am EST to he 10th at 12am EST

Only available at

For more info check out the links below!

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