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Hey guys! Tonight I have Edge Protection; The easy peel off polish barrier to share with you. This latex barrier comes in an 8ml bottle with an applicator brush.

There are so many latex barriers out there that I figured this would be just like the rest. But I was wrong. The little brush makes it super easy to get really close to the nail without accidentally getting any on your nail(which is an issue I have with other brands) I also experience a strong scent from most other barrier brands and this didn't seem to have that. It dries really quickly as well, but not any quicker than any other I've tried.

So This little 8ml bottle retails for $12+shipping. Do I think its worth the price? Personally I would say yes. I have had this bottle for a couple months now and have used it quite a lot and still have plenty left. I feel this formula is thinner so I don't need to use as much and even though it's a thin formula it still very much gets the job done as you can see below. I definitely recommend testing it out for yourself. 

It applies a creamy white and dries clear.

Here it is fully dry. Took about 3 minutes to fully dry.

I then stamped over it as you can see below.

As you can see, not much left for me to clean up.

I also wanted to test it on those pesky glitters! Which is the worst thing to get on your skin and try to remove lol 

Again, very little left for me to clean up.

I'm happy with the results and will most definitely continue using this. I really enjoyed the small applicator brush and that I didn't need to use a ton of it to work properly.

For more info check out the links below!

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  1. Great blog today! There are a lot of latex barriers out there, and I don't know what I'd do without them! You mentioned pesky glitter polish - have you tried a peel-off base when you use a glitter polish? Makes it so easy! I have used a lot of different brands of these as well, but Sally Hansen works well for me, and you can't beat the cost! Great job Cheyenne!


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