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Hey there Sweeties! So if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you may have seen I posted a little note to my followers yesterday stating that I will be bringing my nail art and nail art tutorials back!! I unfortunately haven't posted a nail art tutorial video on my YouTube since March and even worse, haven't done any free hand nail art since June! *hides in shame* haha

But the truth was I lost my passion and the energy to do my nail art. I was doing it so much that it wasn't fun or a hobby anymore. I had to quit participating in Nail Art Challenge groups and pretty much take a step back to try to center myself again. Try and let the creative juices build back up so to speak lol. Also, My personal life went through a lot of changes this year(mostly good!) which led to not having the time on top of trying to keep up with the blog and swatching something had to give. And since I wasn't feeling very artsy, I chose to drop nail art. 

But after a nice breather I am back! With a compromise at least haha. I won't be going back to posting nail art daily but instead, I will be posting a tutorial every Tuesday. This way I don't burn myself out again and I get to keep the mani I spent a while creating for the video on longer than a day! haha

I am also going to try to get back into my Planner Mani Posts(which are manis I create inspired by my planner spread for that week). If I do they will be posted every Monday and will be called Planner Mani Monday's. Those will most likely not have video tutorials but at least I'll be doing 2 art manis a week rather than just swatching right?

Anyways, If interested here is my new blog/nail schedule
Planner Mani Mondays
Tutorial Tuesdays
Wed-Sat will be reviews.

I hope having a set schedule and routine will be better not only for me but for you readers as well. Making it so you know what days to check the blog, because I know some readers enjoy the art while others enjoy the swatch reviews. 

If you have stuck around this long thank you so much! I didn't mean to blabber on but I wanted to keep you guys up to date! 

So without further ado, Here is our first 
Tutorial Tuesday - Snow Flurries

Lina Nail Art Supplies-Can't Wait For Xmas! 01 & 02 Plates
Twinkled T-Glow Up White Stamping Polish
Twinkled T-Crystal Clear Stamper
KBShimmer-Clearly on Top Quick Dry Top Coat
Cuticula-Scented Liquid Nail Tape

Tutorial below! Please don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe on YouTube!

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  1. I was wondering how come you weren't doing nail art as much anymore! Glad to see your back doing that twice a week. These are lovely.


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