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Hello Sweeties! So tonight I have a miracle to share with you! haha No but for reals guysss! I was talking to Heather from Heather's Hues about how awful the winter has been on my skin this year. I was getting hang nails and my skin was looking kind of chalky which isn't too rare for me in winter but it was definitely the worst it's been in years. My skin felt tight and using my usual lotions and cuticle balms/oils weren't enough. They helped for a bit after I used them but my skin would absorb it so fast that I felt like I had to constantly re-apply and that's no fun, especially with balms and oils since they leave your skin kind of oily for a bit so everything you touch ends up with oil on it as well lol. And the balms/oils would only help my cuticles not all of my hand.

Anyways, Heather recommended I try her WiTS Lotion. Which stands for "What is This Sorcery!?" and yea, the name fits it perfectly haha! Below is a photo of my swatch hand before I applied the lotion for the first time. The photo was taken exactly 2 weeks ago today. I know my hands and cuticles aren't awful but you can clearly see the hang nails starting to form and my chalky skin. And when you swatch for hours every day the acetone(even with additive) mixed with the awful dry heat in my house are an awful combo. Every few swatches I did I was having to re-apply a balm or lotion to try and hide the dryness in my photos which was getting super annoying...Read on for my end results!

WITS Lotion comes in a 4 oz. jar and you can purchase it in a ton of scents! I picked Cake By The Ocean and it smelled like vanilla buttercream with almost a hint of a cherry almond under tone. SOOO good! 

And here is my 2 week result! I took this photo about 30min after applying the lotion. I used it maybe three times a day(more if there was more then usual hand washing) A little goes along way as well so it's going to last me awhile but I already made a list of other scents I will be purchasing because I need this as a constant in my new nail and hand care routine. It absorbed pretty quickly without leaving an oily residue and my skin felt soft and definitely not nearly as tight as before. The hang nails that started to form 2 weeks ago are almost gone and my skin isn't chalky looking at all anymore. I even feel like it made my nails look smoother and less dull too! 

Here is a closer look at the difference.

Guys If the winter isn't treating your skin well I highly recommend this! I am so grateful Heather recommended this and can't wait to purchase more!

The 4oz Jar retails for $9.75

For more info check out the links below!

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