Nicole Diary | 4Pcs Liner Brush Set

Hey guys! I have freehand nail art to share with you tonight!!! I haven't done a freehand full mani since June of last year! *sigh* Unfortunately I kind of lost my want to really spend the time on something that I would have to remove so quickly because of needing to swatch almost every day but luckily I had a few days swatch free so when I was sent this 4 piece detail brush set I knew I was going to go all out and spend the hours on my mani and I am so glad I did! Although this took me close to 5 hours to do because well, it's been awhile but I am very happy with the results and these brushes played a huge role in that! 

This is the 4Pcs Liner Brush Set by Nicole Diary. The listing comes with 4 brushes in 4 different sizes. A 5mm, 7mm, 10mm and a 13mm.

Nicole Diary-4Pcs Liner Brush Set

I wanted to show just how thin these brushes are so I did this little test below.

The brushes were of great quality and comes with a cover to help protect the bristles when not in use which is a huge plus. But not only do they work great they are super pretty! The texture of the brushes help with grip and they have a pretty frosty like look to them plus some really cute blue pearls.

And here is the mani I created using these brushes.

As you can see I was able to achieve so much tiny little detail work with these brushes and I will have to say that in the close to 5 years of nail art and blogging these are my favorite brushes I have ever used for nail art. 

 Unfortunately by the time they got to me(They shipped from over seas) they sold out. They informed me that they will be restocked in about 2 months. Guys it's worth the wait and I highly recommend you pick these up when they are restocked!


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  1. So creative!We love the nail art you created with our products.😍😍😍

  2. I think my feelings can be summed up in one word, being "WOW!" <3

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