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Hello! Today's the day!! Polish Pickup March-Books goes live at 11am EST!!! Until then feast your eyes on this pretty!

March's theme is Books. This morning I have "If You Want My Bodice" by KBShimmerSome women have a dirty little secret; every night they escape to a world where a handsome rouge lusts after their busty figure, and not even a laced up bodice would be still the passion that burned between them. At the end of the day, when that beloved book with racy cover gets placed in the nightstand, the pages worn and dog eared, those women thank Harlequin and Silhouette for the tales of intrigue, romance, and of course lust. Based on the cover of a “bodice ripper” romance, KBShimmer’s If You Want My Bodice is full of lusty goodness. Read on for more info!
KBShimmer-If You Want My Bodice

Described as shifty polish that starts with a blend of multichrome pigments that in indirect light, help this polish travel from a cool minty teal to a deep lavender. Flecks of unicorn flakes shift in a rainbow of colors that dance among the colorful base. In brighter light, micro holo flakes sparkle, while deeper hues of magenta and blue come out to play.
$10- No cap
Shown here in two coats plus top coat. Formula was good and applied well.
Dries semi glossy with subtle texture. Top coat needed for a full glossy finish.

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All Polish Pickup Polishes/Products will be available 
Today, March 2nd at 11am EST through March 5th at 11:59pm EST 


All items will ship a minimum of three weeks after the pre-order closes. 
This allows time for each maker to make their products and get them mailed to Polish Pickup who will then send them out to you.


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