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Hey there guys! Tonight I have a trio from Chirality Nail Polish to share with you. This is the Gorgons Collection which consist of three shimmers inspired by three powerful, winged daimones in Greek Mythology. They are the daughters of the sea god Phorcys and his sister/wife Ceto. The Gorgons were flying monsters with sharp fangs and claws. Their bodies were covered in scales. They had piercing eyes and writhing snakes for hair. Medusa was the only mortal Gorgon as Euryale and Stheno were immortal. Perseus was able to kill Medusa by beheading her. Read on for more info!
Formula, Application & Finish:
All three had the same formula and application. Shown here in two coats plus top coat. Applied well. Dried semi glossy, top coat needed for a full glossy finish.

Chirality Polish-Euryale

Described as a luscious grape base color with pops of bright purple and green reflecting through the turquoise shimmer.

Chirality Polish-Medusa

Described as a fuchsia rose base color with a vibrant purple shimmer. Accents of tantalizing violet and purple sparks dance around in a subtle golden sheen. 

Chirality Polish-Stheno

Described as a darkened moss green base color with a prominent lustrous gold shimmer. Twinkling bits of green and gold add to the dazzling finish. 


Available Saturday, May 19th

Full Size (15mL): $12 each
Mini Size (5 mL): $6 each
Full Size Collection: $30
Mini Size Collection: $15

Free Gift with order until supplies run out
*A limited number of gorgeous Medusa themed enamel pins ($10 value) will be included in orders containing a Full Size The Gorgons Collection.
*A limited number of rose gold plated Medusa charms will be included with ANY orders containing a Full Size Gorgon polish purchase.

For more info check out the links below!

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