Native War Paints | Martini Magic Collection

Hey guys! I have a new collection from Native War Paints to share with you! This is the "Martini Magic" Collection which consist of six magnetic polishes. These are a little different than most of the magnetic polishes out there. They don’t have a dark base to pull away from but instead a silvery base that gives the polish subtle shimmery shifting effect instead. Read on for more info!

All of the polishes dried semi glossy and needed a top coat for a full glossy finish. The magnetic pull was very subtle for me, almost non existent, especially in the lighter shades. But they did have great formulas and the colors themselves were fun and bright, perfect for the summer season. Based on what I've seen in the fan group others got their cameras to capture the magnetic pull better then I did. Also, they water marble extremely well, the photos I've seen of the marbles in the group are gorgeous!! All are shown here in 2-3 coats and sealed with a top coat. Watch my live swatch video below to see application and coats used per polish.

Native War Paints-Lemon Drop

Native War Paints-Flirtini

Native War Paints-Appletini

Native War Paints-Poolside Drinks

Native War Paints-Martinis and Teeny Bikinis

Native War Paints-Cosmopolitan


Preorder begins 5/18 at noon EDT and 
runs through 5/27 at 11:59 pm EDT.

$9 each or $50 for the full collection

One magnet will be included with purchase of the full collection. Magnets will also be available for purchase for $2.00 each. 

For more info check out the links below!

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