Indie Polish Pickup | Sept 2018 | Horror

Good evening! I have my photos and info of this month's Indie Pickup to share with you! With the popularity and success of Polish Pickup, and the increased desire and interest in other indie made products, Indie Pickup was born.  Indie Pickup follows the same format as its' sister site, Polish Pickup, and brings you exclusive items based on a monthly theme.  The shop is open once a month, on the third Friday through Monday.  All purchases are preorder and will ship approximately 3 weeks after order is placed. This month's theme is "Horror Movies". Read on for more info!
3Cheers4Ears-Horror Icons 3D Printed Keychains
3D printed keychains are lightweight and made of durable PLA (Polylactic Acid) filament in Glow in the Dark, Opaque & Translucent colors and attached with a Split Key Ring and Chain.  Keychain Dimensions 4.5" X 2" Inspired by Pennywise from Stephen King's It, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, Carol Anne from Poltergeist, & Ghostface from Scream.
PRICE: $5 each
CAP: Pennywise 50;  Jason 50;  Carol Anne 45;   Ghostface 30

3Cheers4Ears Links: Shop | Instagram | Facebook

A Mother Of Dragon Eggs-In Between Dragon Egg
Dragon Egg with scales in three different shades of holographic blue. Comes with stand and small dragon figurine. Dragon Egg for decorative or cosplay use only - not a toy, not suitable for small children without adult supervision. Scales are glued down, but the egg is not impervious to damage when dropped or scraped at. Inspired by Poltergeist.
PRICE: $18 CAP: 35

Mother of Dragons Links: Shop | Instagram | Facebook

Alter Ego-Chicken Scented Soap
Inspired by Chicago standard, Svengoolie, who hosts Saturday night horror movies. The old ones, like Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, Rodan, Mothra and even the comical ones like The Ghost and Mr Chicken!  Speaking of chickens, a long running gag is a rubber chicken, they get thrown at him, they are on his "coat of arms" and he even has a talking puppet chicken named Kerwyn.  So Cynthia had a rubber chicken soap mold custom made! The scent is described as scented with garlic, and chicken Ramen noodle soup
*Cynthia only has 1 chicken mold so there will be a slight variance in color per soap.
PRICE:$6 CAP: 75

Alter Egos Links: Shop | Instagram | Facebook

Arcane Arts-Blood on the Moors Lip Gloss
Described as a dark and broody red lip gloss that shines faintly of moonlight. Inspired by American Werewolf in London.
PRICE:$10 CAP: 50

Arcane Arts Links: Shop | Instagram | Facebook

B Polished-Zombie Resin Keychain
Described as a zombie head "petri" style resin keychain has a sprinkling of UCC flakes and color shifting glitter. Inspired by Zombies.
PRICE:$10 CAP: 20

B Polished Links: Shop | Instagram | Facebook

Baroness X-A Perfumer's Craft Wax Melt Clamshell
Described as a para-soy wax that has a mix of Rose Jam and jasmine petals and a touch of vanilla. Inspired by the main character Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in the movie "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer". He is born with a superior olfactory sense and ends up learning the craft of perfuming and how to distill flowers to preserve their scent. Obsessed with the smell of beautiful women, he begins plucking women off the street like flowers, and distilling them to preserve their "essence" into perfume.
PRICE: $4.25 CAP: 100

Baroness X Links: Shop | Instagram | Facebook

Beauty Bling!-A Dimension as Vast as Space Bookmark
Described as an antique-bronze toned hand-painted bookmark reminds us that books open up the world of knowledge to us. We can get lost in our imagination or take on an entirely new topic or even experience a loved classic in another language! All Beauty Bling! products are designed and hand painted with careful attention to each detail. Because they are hand painted items, each one is unique. Inspired by The Twilight Zone which has been making us think more deeply about things that are or could be for decades. The Twilight Zone is a different dimension, it is the dimension of imagination; it is "a dimension as vast as space." This bookmark will help you save your place while you get lost in a book and it even glows in the dark for a little night reading. The galaxy design has glowing nebulas and stars. You might even be able to identify the constellation!
PRICE: $12.00 CAP: 50

Black Lab Soapery-Bubble Bar
We All Float Down Here Balloon Shaped Bubble Bar. Crumble Bubble Balloon under running water to activate bubbles or for best results, chop or crumble bubble balloon and place in sieve. Hold sieve under running water to create fun, foamy bubbles. Inspired by IT
PRICE: $6.00 CAP: 25

Black Lab Soapery Links: Shop | Instagram

Bliss Polish-Mr. Ghostface Home Fragrance Wax Melt
Described as a custom scent blend created with notes of cranberry, citrus, cinnamon, herbs and musk. A perfect scent for Fall. Inspired by Scream.
PRICE: $4.50 CAP: 75

Bliss Polish Links: Shop | Facebook | Instagram

Care by Llarowe-Bates Motel Shower Gel
Described as an all natural and organic shower gel in a blood orange scent. Inspired by the 'Psycho' shower scene.
PRICE: $5.00 CAP: 50

Care by Llarowe Links: shop | facebook | instagram

CDI Soapworks-"It Puts the Lotion in the Basket" solid lotion bar
Described as a 2 ounce vegan lotion bar in a reusable plastic container. Luxurious and rich, perfect for dry winter skin. Fragrance is a cice chianti - juicy grapes, red wine, and sun-warmed oak barrels. Inspired by Silence of the Lambs.
PRICE: $9.00 CAP: 25

CDI Soapworks Links: Shop | Instagram | Facebook 

Demiflux-Shifty Nightwing Bat Ring
Described as an adjustable black ring with black bats and a blue to violet to rose to copper shifting background, an exclusive to IPU. Black coated nickel and lead free ring blank. Inspired by the poster art from a 1979 movie, Nightwing. A colony of vampire bats terrorize a small Indian community in New Mexico. The movie won Worst Picture at the Hastings Bad Cinema Society's 2nd Stinkers Bad Movie Awards in 1979.
PRICE: $10.00 CAP: 45

Demiflux Links: Shop | Instagram

Fanchromatic Nails-*Do* Go In the Water Fizzy Bath Powder
Described as a fizzy, foamy bath powder that turns your bath water red and smells like sweet ocean air! The scent is a custom fragrance oil blend that is aquatic and vaguely fruity and floral. A complex blend with notes of seaweed, cucumber, melon, lemon zest, amber, lily, fresh grass, and vanilla. 
Misc Info: This powder is a luxe combination of a bath bomb & bubble bath. You can use as much or as little as you want of it, to give your bath water color, scent and bubbles. This is concentrated - I recommend using 1/8 of a bag to start, then adding more as you wish! Just scoop or crumble the powder into your bath - putting it right under the running water will maximize the bubbles, or sprinkling it into a full tub will create soft, fizzy foam. Inspired by the movie Jaws.
PRICE: $14.00 CAP: 40

Fanchromatic Nails Links: Shop | Facebook | Facebook Group | Instagram

Forty Winks Jewelry-Eyes On Me Pendant
Described as a 25mm pendant hand painted with 5 indie polishes, one with the elusive unicorn pee! "Eyes on Me" will be available with a silk cord necklace or a keychain. Inspired by Blue from Jurassic World.
PRICE: $12.50 CAP: 25 Each Style

Forty Winks Jewelry Links: Shop Facebook | Facebook Group | Instagram

Green Goddess Creations-Oh, The Horror! Water Slide Decals
Similar to a temporary tattoo, Water Slide Decals are a quick and simple way to add some creepy fun to your manicure!
*Transparent image - nude or light colored nail polish will work best.
*If bleeding occurs, add a quick drying top coat and let dry before cutting out images.
*Instructions included in packaging.
*How to videos linked in shop. Inspired by Night of the Living Dead, Jeepers Creepers, It, Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Scream and The Shining
PRICE: $4.00 CAP: None

I recommend using light colored polishes under them in order to see the image correctly and clearly but if you would like to use them over darker colors like I have below you can check out my old(shh dont make fun lol) but still useful video [here] where I share how I do so.

Green Goddess Creations Links: Shop | Facebook | Instagram

Hemlock Doxy-Monster Choker Necklace
Velvet or elastic ribbon chokers, 12 1/2 inches long with a 3 inch chain extender and star charm counterweight. Each necklace is one-of-a-kind and includes charms and Swarovski crystals in a design inspired by The Count (Dracula), The Bride (of Frankenstein), The Wolfman, The Creature (from the Black Lagoon) or The Mummy.
PRICE: $15.00 CAP: 15 Each

Hemlock Doxy Links: SHOP

Lantern & Wren-Seriously Slim Stamper 2.0
This thin, double ended, semi-sticky, opaque nail stamper by Lantern & Wren has been upgraded to include a new navy blue stamping head on one end, while keeping the popular opaque head on the other end.  For easy placement of even the smallest nail art designs on the smallest nails! This double ended pencil stamper is useful for a wide variety of nail art designs. Whether you have a tiny image to pick up, or if you want to pick up only part of a large image, this small sticky nail stamper is the way to go.  It is also a fantastic tool to use for stamping glitter onto your nails! Includes a Lantern & Wren scraper card as well.
PRICE: $10.99 CAP: 150

Lantern & Wren Links: ShopFacebook | Instagram

Lucky 13-Lotion of Immortality Duo
Duo of 30g Lotion of Immortality jars, plus clamshell of skin-safe gold-green-aqua color-shifting shimmer and stirring spoon. Add to your jar of Lotion, or apply directly to your skin using a makeup brush.

The Cabin in the Woods: A relaxing weekend in a secluded cabin with friends. Contains notes of sandalwood, pine, balsam, cedarwood, and geranium. This fragrance is: fresh, clean, woodsy, refreshing

Eternal Slumber: Frankincense and floral to soothe the Ancient Ones. Contains notes of lavender, chamomile, jasmine, frankincense, and myrrh. This fragrance is: relaxing, musky, floral

Inspired by The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
PRICE: $10.00 CAP: 80 duos

Lucky 13 Links: Shop | Instagram Facebook Fan Group | Newsletter

LynBDesigns-Cara Mia Perfume Oil
Perfume oil with a lush base of santal, vanilla, and musk with a hint of tobacco topped off with hints of rose, jasmine, lily, and fig. Inspired by Morticia Addams.
PRICE: $10.00 CAP: None

LynBDesigns Links: Store | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Misplanned It-Horror Movie Planner Kit
Full Planner Kit. Printed on Standard matte sticker paper which you can order in Erin Condren Vertical or Happy Planner Classic. Inspired by Saw, IT, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Leatherface, Hellraiser, The Shining, and Child's Play.
PRICE: $16.50 CAP: 70

Misplanned It Links: Shop | Instagram

My Indie Polish-Lavender Chamomile Salve
A vegan base Salve filled with home growing lavender essential oil from Tanya's own backyard and organic chamomile essential oil. Perfect for any spot of your body gets dry including cuticles, nails, elbows, knees, toes, lips and everything in between. Don’t be fooled by the tiny size this stuff lasts forever. 

My Indie Polish It Links: Facebook Group | Instagram

Nail Hoot-Talon Super Swatch & Peel Base Coat
Talon Super Swatch & Peel is Nail Hoot's exclusive and specially formulated latex-based peel off base coat! Start by removing your nails of any oils, additives, or butters, then apply a coat of the base to each finger. This super peel off base coat paints on white and dries clear. Once the base coat has turned clear on the nail (2-3 minutes), paint your nails as usual. You can peel off immediately, or wait a few hours and it will pop off on its own, taking the nail polish with it for easy, acetone-free, no scrubbing removal!
This base coat is perfect for swatching polishes. This peel off base coat can also be used as a liquid nail tape for cuticle protection, however it dries clear so it will be more difficult to see on the skin than the Talon Tape.

PRICE: $5.29 CAP: 100

Nail Hoot Links: Shop | Facebook | Facebook Group | Instagram | Twitter

Nailed It! Hawaii-It's Showtime! Coconut Milk Artisan Soap
"It's Showtime!" is scented in a custom blend of mysterious black cherries and tart raspberries rounded out on a bed of sweet vanilla. It's made using creamy coconut milk and loaded with activated charcoal, as well as colloidal oatmeal for those with sensitive skin. Inspired by Beetlejuice.
PRICE: $6.50 CAP: 45

Nailed It! Hawaii Links: Shop | Facebook | Instagram

Native War Paints-All of Them Witches Loose Eyeshadow
Described as approx. 2 grams of gunmetal green loose eyeshadow with red shimmer. Inspired by Rosemary's Baby.
PRICE: $7.50 CAP: XX

Native War Paints Links: Shop | Facebook | Instagram

Night Owl Lacquer-Moonlit Woods Wax Melt
Handcrafted wax melt made from their custom scent mixture and soy-parafin wax blend. This was inspired by Corpse Bride and is an intoxicating blend of dragons blood, cypress, berries and witch's brew.  Scent notes include citrus, musk, pine, cedar, cinnamon, sandalwood, amber, balsam & patchouli.
PRICE: $4.25 CAP: 120

Night Owl Lacquer Links: Shop | Facebook | Fan Group | Instagram

Northern Star-Pumpkin Ginger Cupcake Jelly Soap
Wiggle it just a little bit - or a lot! This "jelly" recipe uses a type of seaweed to create the jiggling effect instead of animal gelatin so you can enjoy in the shower or bath worry free. The soap is a bright orange pumpkin color, and scented by combining delicious pumpkin batter, buttercream frosting, and ginger to make a satisfying bath time treat. Wet soap and lather, then rinse skin. Best used within 1 year. Inspired by the movie Ginger Snaps.
PRICE: $5.75 CAP: 50

Northern Star Links: Instagram

Obscūrus-Wolf Creek Wax Tart
The essence of Australia with pine needle, eucalyptus, lemon myrtle and sandalwood. Inspired by the movie Wolf Creek.
PRICE: $10.00 CAP: 50

Obscūrus Links: Primary stockist | Facebook Group | Instagram

Off the Hook Creations by Jessica-Zombie Finger Cat Toy
This zombie finger is crocheted using 100% acrylic yarn for durability then stuffed with poly-fil and a bit of catnip. Inspired by Night of the Living Dead.
PRICE: $4.00 CAP: 30

Off the Hook Creations Links: Facebook

Paper Moon Cosmetics-Slasher Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow
Slasher is a pressed mineral eye shadow with a black lining base color and fiery reddish shimmer. Inspired by Slasher films.
PRICE: $10.00 CAP: None

Paper Moon Cosmetics Links: Shop | Facebook Instagram

Peachtree Polish-Shh! It’s Quiet Time Body Butter
A rich whipped body butter in Cranberry Spice fragrance. This body butter is rich in nourishing natural moisturizers.  It’s the perfect skin-food for this time of year. It’s tinted light pink to be pleasing to the eyes only; the color does not transfer to the skin.  The Cranberry Spice fragrance has notes of cranberry, orange zest, nutmeg with a base note of cinnamon.  Arrowroot is added to make it less greasy when applying. Inspired by the Fall season shown in the movie A Quiet Place.
PRICE: $5.50 CAP: 20

Peachtree Polish Links: Shop | Instagram | Facebook Facebook Fan Group

Psyche Minerals-Alice Loose Mineral Eyeshadow
1.5-2 grams of a vegan loose mineral eyeshadow that's a sparkly sheer brick red. Apply over a sticky base for a bolder color. Eyeshadow can also be used as a blush and lip color. It's safe for all cosmetic applications.  Inspired by the original movie poster from Resident Evil.
PRICE: $7.50 CAP: None

Psyche Minerals Links: Shop | Instagram | Facebook

Ribbit Stickits-Frosty Jack Un-frog-gettable Cuticle Cover
 Icy blue (shimmer and metallic) liquid latex
Scent: Icy peppermint, eucalyptus, cedar, fir, pine, evergreen, blue spruce, iced cranberry, mandarin orange, and cloves.
Note: Make sure that you let dry completely or you might be a little shimmery when you remove latex.  Inspired by The Shining.
PRICE: $7.50 CAP: 75

Ribbit Stickits Links: Shop | Instagram | Facebook

Supernatural Lacquer-Dead Reckoning Acetone Additive
 1/2 oz acetone additive in a scent of spiced cranberry base with notes of juicy orange. Shake bottle until cloudy and add to 8 to 12 ounces of pure acetone to moisturize nails and a delicious scent to your polish remover!  Inspired by Land of the Dead.
PRICE: $5.00 CAP: None


Sweet Sage Scents-He Who Kills Wax Clamshell
Exclusive blend of secret earthy fall scents.  Inspired by Trilogy of Terror.
PRICE: $4.50 CAP: 75

Sweet Sage Scents Links: Shop | Facebook Group Instagram

Turtle Tootsie-Candy Corn Scented Sugar Scrub
This is a full size 4 oz foaming sugar scrub in the scent of candy corn. Just add water and scrub!
 Inspired by Children of the Corn.
PRICE: $6.00 CAP: 100

Turtle Tootsie Links: SHOP||FAN GROUP||INSTAGRAM

Vapid Wax-Can You Smell the Circus? Wax Clamshell
Can You Smell the Circus will have all the layers to entice your senses. A mixture of POP POP POPCORN drizzled with molasses and brown sugar and a sprinkle of salty goodness combined with the sugary sweetness of cotton candy. The layer is FLOATing on top of a hauntingly yummy bottom layer that is candy apple happiness with crisp apples, caramelized sugar and a teeny bit of cinnamon sins. Inspired by IT.
PRICE: $4.50 CAP: None

Vapid Wax Links: Shop | Instagram | Facebook

Vibrant Vinyls-Bite Me Scented Air & Linen Spray
 'Bite Me' Fresh citrus notes of lime and orange sparkle with effervescent highlights as they lead to a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent. Leafy green accents add intensity as a base of vanilla creates a sweet overall tone.

Spritz Air & Linen Spray throughout the house, on pet bedding, in the car, in gym bags or anywhere that needs refreshing.
Spritz on a wash cloth and toss in dryer.
Spritz on air conditioner filters & the scent will permeate through the home.
Refresh their fragrance sachets or crystals. Inspired by Interview with a Vampire.
PRICE: $5.00 CAP: 100

Vibrant Vinyls Links: Shop | Facebook | Facebook Fan Group Instagram

All Indie Pickup Polishes available
Sept 21st at 11am EST through Sept 24th at 11:59pm EST 


All items will ship a minimum of three weeks after the pre-order closes. 
This allows time for each maker to make their products and get them mailed to Indie Pickup who will then send them out to you.

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