Glam Nails Challenge | Graveyard | Oct 2019

Hello Sweeties!
Today I have another prompt for the October Glam Nails challenge.

October 16th prompt is 'Graveyard'. 

For this prompt I decided to go with a character from my all time favorite childhood Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. When you think of the movie Hocus Pocus and then the word Graveyard I immediately think of Billy aka William Butcherson.

Billy was poisoned to death after a mad and jealous Winnifred Sanderson caught Billy having an affair on her and sporting with her younger sister Sarah. Winnie sewed Billy's mouth shut with thread and a dull needle to keep him from saying anything, even in death.  

Winnie resurrected Billy from his 300 year sleep to hunt after Max, Dani and Allison, where as Billy can tread on hollow ground where Winnie cannot, such as graveyards.  Billy than turns on Winnie and aids the children. Billy can finally than "Rest in Peace" after the Sanderson Sisters were destroyed.

*Info for challenge if you would like to join in can be found at the bottom of this post. Read on for more info!

I started with an orchid to purple to black gradient. I stamped the grave stones on my index and pinky. Using acrylic paint, I freehand painted Billy and his headstone. Sealed it all with a glossy top coat and then a matte top coat.

Don Deeva-Queen of Tarts
Sally Hansen-Plummet
Bad Bitch Polishes-Let's Go Crazy
Glisten & Glow-Glossy Top Coat
Night Owl Lacquer-Gone Matte Top Coat
Maniology-M062 Plate(grave stones)
Winstonia-W102 Plate(trees)
Apple Barrel-Acrylic Paints

Here is the challenge. It was created by @nbnailart on Instagram. Feel free to join in and create some fun nail art!

How This Challenge works:
You create a mani inspired by the 8 prompts in the graphic. You post said manis on your social medias, blogs ect. on the dates posted with each prompt. Each month a new graphic, list of prompts and hashtag is created. When you post be sure to tag @glamnailschallenge and @nbnailart

Here is the new one that starts this month!

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