Glam Nails Challenge | Spiders | Oct 2019

Hello Sweeties!
Today I have another prompt for the October Glam Nails challenge.

October 13th prompt is 'Spiders'. 

I have done quite a few spider/spider web manis over the years so I wanted to do something that wasn't similar to anything else I've done and decided to paint a Harry Potter scene; when Harry and Ron ask Aragog(the giant spider) for help and it doesn't go to plan.

*Info for challenge if you would like to join in can be found at the bottom of this post. Read on for more info!

24 Karat Lacquer-Concrete Jumgle(grey blue base polish)⁠
Apple Barrel-Acrylic Paint
Night Owl Lacquer- Gone Matte Top Coat

First started with a grey blue polish base. Using Acrylic Paints I free hand painted everything then sealed it with a matte top coat.

Here is the challenge. It was created by @nbnailart on Instagram. Feel free to join in and create some fun nail art!

How This Challenge works:
You create a mani inspired by the 8 prompts in the graphic. You post said manis on your social medias, blogs ect. on the dates posted with each prompt. Each month a new graphic, list of prompts and hashtag is created. When you post be sure to tag @glamnailschallenge and @nbnailart

Here is the new one that starts this month!

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  1. Oh wow great mani, the spider looks kinda mean (don't know much about HP though)