Fandom Flakies | December 2022

Hey loves! Today I have the Decembers Fandom Flakies Box to share with you. This box consist of three polishes. The polishes are made by Bee's Knees Lacquer, Night Owl Lacquer and a guest maker each month. The guest maker this month is LynBdesigns and their theme is the Great British Bakeoff.

Read on for live swatches, photos, reviews and purchase info! 

Live Swatches:
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Photo Disclaimers:
*All photos are taken indoors under 30W Daylight Bulbs with a Canon DSLR Camera.
*I angle my hand in direct lighting as well as low lighting to capture as many of the shifts as I am able.
*All photos shown with a fast dry top coat unless otherwise stated.
*My nails are shown here with a clear gel overlay, I had 3 bad breaks over the past few weeks and need the gel overlay to help keep them strong while I grow them back out. 

Bee's Knees Lacquer-No Soggy Bottoms 

Described as a mid-toned grape purple with purple to green multichrome flakes and a scattering of holo flakes.

Shown here in 2 coats, plus top coat. Formula was good and applied well. Dries with very subtle texture so a top coat is needed for a full, glossy finish.

Night Owl Lacquer-Bake It Till You Make It 

Described as a burgundy base filled with fuschia/red/gold micro flakie shimmer.

Shown here in 2 coats, plus top coat. Formula was good and applied well. Dries smoothly with no texture however a top coat is still recommended for a full, glossy finish.

LynBdesigns-Septuagenarian Velociraptor 

Described as a muted denim blue base with scattered black micro flakies, green to blue to purple shifting flakies and scattered holo sparkle.

Shown here in 3 coats, plus top coat. Formula was sheer but builds up well. Can be used as a topper. Dries with some texture so a top coat is needed for a full, glossy finish.

Ribbits Stickits-Acetone Additive

A scented glycerin and oil mixer that you mix with your acetone to prevent drying from pure acetone.

Using this makes it so your nails and cuticles aren't left with that yukky white residue, dry nails and dry cuticles. This is an 15ml bottle in the scent of "Mary Berry's Gingenbread House" which is described as fresh baked bread with spice notes of cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla beans. 

Ingredients: Glycerin, Distilled Water, Fragrance Oil, Polysorbate 80, and Jojoba Oil


Ribbits Stickits-Waterslide Decals


1. Paint nails, let dry completely.
2. Cut out the desired image.(Try cutting as close as possible to the image)
3. Place in warm water for 5-10 seconds.
4. Using your thumb & index finger slide the paper backing from the image.
5. Lightly dampen the back of the decal.
6. Place image on your nail, pressing down to remove any air bubbles.
7. Seal it with a top coat.

*If you prefer to use the decal over a colored/darker polish it's best to paint the back of the image with white polish/acrylic paint letting it dry before applying it to the nail. (which is what I did for these photos)
*Once you slide the back off the decal, place it on a clear stamper. I find it easier to place on to the nail by "stamping" it on rather than applying using my hands or tweezers.(video below shows how I do so)

If you would like to watch a video showing how I apply waterslide decals you can watch it on my instagram [here]!

Available December 9th at

Customers have the option of purchasing the entire box of 3 limited edition polishes for $33+shipping or they now have the option to sign-up for a monthly subscription. Additionally, customers can add items to their order or to their subscription from Ribbits Stickits, or subscribe to the Fandom Flakies+Ribbits Stickits box where they will be guaranteed to receive $10 in vinyls/waterslide decals for a total subscription price of $43. For this month, subscribers for this option will receive the GBBO waterslide decals and the Star Baker vinyl.

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