Glam Nails Challenge | February 2023 | Elephants + My Nails & Makeup

Contains some previous PR
Hello loves! So as most of you may know when I started this blog a decade ago my posts plus social media post mainly consisted of nail art as that is my true passion and over the years I started reviewing nail polish, nail products and other beauty products which over time just sort of took over. Well now that its officially been 10 years since I started I really wanted to get back to my roots and do much more of what makes me happy so I decided to join the Glam Nails Challenge on instagram. @nbnailart is the creator of the challenge and every month they creates a list of prompts to do nail art with and Day One of February is Elephants! Here is what I created! 

I will also be doing a new segment along with this challenge called "My Nails & Makeup" where I do a makeup look inspired by the nail art I created! 

Read on to find out how I created this nail art plus see the products used!

I first started by painting the glitter polish on my thumb and pinky by doing the dabbing method with a sponge to achieve a full coverage look. I then used nail vinyls for the straight lines on my index and ring nails.  Lastly I free hand painted the adorable little elephant with acrylic paints. Sealed it all with a fast dry glossy top coat and a matte top coat.

Products Used:
TwinkleT - Straight Vinyls
Whats Up Nails - Dance 24 Paint Brush
Night Owl Lacquer - Watching The Rain (Blue Gray)
KBshimmer - Pink of Swim (Light Pink)
Glisten & Glow - New Shell Phone, Who Dis? (Bright Pink)
Lacquerlicious - Class Act (Glitter)
Vibrant Vinyls - Fast & Hard Glossy Top Coat
Bluebird Lacquer - Hey Matter Matter! (Matte Top Coat)
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints

That's it! I hope you guys will enjoy seeing more nail art on my blog and social medias! Don't worry, I will still be reviewing and swatching a good chunk of polish and other beauty products each month, just not full time like I have for the past decade. Hope you guys will all be okay with that! 

If you want to join in or follow others fun nail art check out @glamnailschallenge on Instagram, everyone is welcome! 


My Nails & Makeup

Products Used:
Great Lash 'Very Black' Mascara (lower lash line)
Age Rewind Eraser  Dark Circles Treatment Concealer
Fit Me Tinted Moisturizer

Voluminous Original Blackest Black Mascara (upper lashes)

Chocolate Mousse Brow Cream
M158 Brow Brush
Ink Felt Tip Liquid Liner Black
Smoke & Shadow Eye Palette (the gray)

Hydratouch Oil Primer

Powerless Face Primer

Ooh LaLa! Eye Palette (pink)

False Eyelashes & Glue



Bonus Content:
Fun Reels featuring both my nail art as well as my makeup :)


Coming Soon!

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