Pink Isn't Just a color, It's an attitude!

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Hello fellow Nail Crazies!
Today's review is of 8 polishes from the "Pink Isn't Just a color, It's an attitude!" Collection made by DreAnn from @dashing_housewifepolish. I love swatching for DreAnn because I'm a huge fan of her crellys and Jellys and this collection is full of them! I seriously cant wait to show you all these bad girls! So if interested in this gorgeous collection continue reading!

First up is Pegasus Fluff. This is a white crelly with various Blue, Pink and Purple glitters. I used 2 coats of this and sealed it with HK Girl glossy top coat. 
This went on very evenly and smooth and there were plenty of glitter to go around! Excellent formula and consistency.

Second is Pocket Full of Sweet Tarts. This is a gray holographic base with aqua and pink dots and white, pink and aqua hexes in various sizes. 
I used 2 coats of this and sealed it with HK Girls glossy top coat. This went on smoothly and beautiful! Probably one of the prettiest gray crellys I have come across.

Third is Rockin' Housewife. This is a hot pink glow in the dark base with black and white various size glitters and white skulls! 
This polish is one of my favs from the collection. I used 2 coats with a bit of placement with the skulls and then sealed with HK girl glossy top coat. My favorite part is the mini white skulls! love them!


Fourth up is Razzle my Berries. This is a pink base with various sizes of navy blue and white glitters.
I used 2 coats of this and sealed it with HK Girls glossy top coat. This went on great and evenly. I loved the color combination of this polish so much! 

Fifth in the collection is Pink Is the New White. This is a pale pink with red, violet and blue shifting glitters in it. 
The inspiration for this polish was from the lovely pink wedding dresses DreAnn has seen pop up every now and then. Okay, as I've stated before, I'm not a pink polish person but I loved this classic pastel pink polish! It went on great with just 2 coats. Sealed it with HK Girls glossy to coat.

Sixth is Who Needs Barbie. This is a bright hot pink holographic jelly base with bright pink holographic glitters throughout.
This went on great with 3 thin coats and sealed it with HK girls glossy topcoat. This is definitely perfect for pink lovers and glitter lovers! Perfect amount of glitter in the polish and it went on evenly.

Seventh is I Pink Ill Find Him. This is a light teal base with various sizes of navy blue, fuschia and white glitters.
This went on evenly with 2 coats. Sealed with HK Girls glossy top coat. This is probably one of my favorites I have ever swatched from her. I absolutely loved the color combination and the formula is great!

Last but not least, is Cupid's Crazy Delights. This a pink base that will change to purple at 72 degrees or colder! There are fuchsia and purple glitters throughout.
Used 3 thin coats of this and sealed with a HK Glossy top coat. I love thermals, they are my new obsession. I swatched this polish last so that I could wear it for the weekend. I love it. It went on great and i love the color changes!

Overall I was satisfied with every polish! Very minimal fishing in a couple and no fishing in the rest. As usual I'm never disappointed with her polishes. I highly recommend you check her out.
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  1. I've been seeing swatches of this collection around and I really like it. I might have to go get it! I just love your swatches; they're amazing. I love seeing what you do on your accent nail!

    1. Thank you so much! And yes you should definitely check her out! im inlove with her crelly polishes!

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