Dashing Housewife Jan 2014 single polish Reviews

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Hello Fellow Nail Crazies!
Today I bring you a couple reviews for Dashing Housewifes Polish crelly polishes called "Rebel Roar" and "Putting on the Gloves".  Both polishes are very special to her as one is inspired by her friend and the other is inspired by the school school she went to.

First up is Rebel Roar. This is a gray crelly sparkle base with red, white and black glitters.
 I used 3 thin coats of this and sealed it with a glossy top coat, although before I put the top coat on it looked really good as a matte as well! It went on evenly and was perfect consistency. I personally loved this polish because its also the colors of the high school I graduated from, plus I'm a huge fan of the red and black combo.

Next is Putting On The Gloves. This is a white crelly with green shifting sparkle and neon glitters of various shapes and sizes.
I used 2 coats of this over a neon green undie and sealed with a glossy top coat. Usually with white crellys I either use them alone or over a white undie but I wanted to give the polish a creamy green look to go with the glitters which is why I used it over a neon green base and I seriously loved the outcome. Her polish went on great as usual!

Overall I loved both polishes which is nothing out of the ordinary as DreAnn makes amazing crelly polishes. So if interested check out these polishes as well as her other great polishes at;
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