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Supernatural Lacquer
Good afternoon my fellow nail crazies!
Today I have some awesome polishes from SPN Lacquer to show and rave about for a couple reasons. One, they are great polishes and two, they are themed around one of my favorite shows, Supernatural! Eeek! Yes SUPERNATURAL! haha  I am beyond exited about this people! Can ya tell?!? haha! Anywho, Let me show you these bad boys!

First up is Lilith. A shimmery white pearlescent and scattered holo topper that can be used over pretty much any color. I used 2 thin coats of this over a red to white ombre and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Consistency was great and it went on evenly and I cant wait to try it over tons of colors! haha

Next is Yellow Eyed Demon.  A bright neon yellow crelly packed with three different sized black hexes and a light pearlescent yellow finish. I used 3 thin coats of this then sealed it with a glossy top coat. This was my favorite out of the 3. The yellow! I mean seriously, that is by far the most perfect neon yellow polish I've come across! And if you watch Supernatural it looks exactly like the demons eyes! The consistency was awesome and it went on smoothly.

Last up is Atropos.  A very rosy gold metallic polish with hints of a red to green and gold shimmer. I used 3 thin coats of this to achieve full opacity then sealed it with a glossy top coat. Again, consistency was great and it went on smoothly. Now I'm not one for holos not because I don't like them but mainly because I hate the way they look with my skin tone but this polish was beautiful! And again, if you watch Supernatural you know this polish was named perfectly haha! 

Overall, this Supernatural demon inspired collection is amazing! Not only were the polishes great because of consistency and no fishing was needed but because she designed the polishes perfectly around Supernatural characters! Get your The Devil You Know polishes as well as a couple other Supernatural inspired polishes now by clicking the links below!
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