Paint Shop Polish March 2014

Provided for Review

Hello my fellow nail crazies!
Today I bring you some reviews and swatches for Paint Shop Polish. This is the first time I have swatched for them and I was honored to do so. They sent me 3 polishes, 2 glitter toppers and 1 textured crelly.

First up is Sweet Dreams. A limited edition glitter topper with blue stars as well as pink, blue & iridescent glitters in various sizes and shapes. I used 1 coat of this using the dabbing method over a lavender undie and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Some fishing was needed for the stars but that's not uncommon when using a mini bottle. I also loved the color combination.

Next is Spring Fling. A limited edition glitter topper jam packed with yellow flowers, holographic butterflies, and purple, pink, blue & yellow glitters in various sizes and shapes. I used 1 coat of this over a white to yellow ombre and sealed it was a glossy top coat. No fishing was needed but I did have to do some glitter placement with the flowers and butterflies. This is a fun colored, perfect for spring glitter topper,

Last is Cupcake. A limited edition light pink polish that dries to a textured finish. I used 3 thin coats of this to achieve full opacity then sealed it with a glossy top coat. The consistency was good and the polish went on evenly with no streaking. The texture is very subtle, not too much which in my opinion is good because it doesn't get caught on things like a lot of textured polishes do.

Overall, The polishes were fun and very pretty. Some fishing and placement was needed but again, that's not out of the norm when using glitter toppers that contain heavy glitters, especially when used in a mini bottle. You can get these polishes as well as a tons of others to choose from there etsy shop. ANd you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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