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Good afternoon my fellow nail crazies!
Today I have some swatches and reviews on a collection I have been dying to own! I have owned one of the polishes for months now(Girl Talk) and actually did a review on it but I wanted to get my hands on the other 3 so I could do a full collection review and I finally was able to get them all in March! This collection is called "Chatter Box" and is made by the ever so sweet Jess over at Liquid Afterglow Lacquer. Now all 4 polishes are pretty much the same with each having a different color theme to them so this review will be based on all 4 polishes and then I will post the pictures below it.
The collection are all white crellys with an abundance of colors, sizes and shapes. First up is Girl Talk, which is the pink color schemed one. Second is Guy Talk, which is the blue color schemed one. Now these were her original duo collection and I was obsessed with them but then she even made the collection better by adding She Said, the purple color schemed and He Said, the green color schemed one. 
Back when I first started swatching, Jess's Girl Talk was one of the first crellys I had ever owned and it made me fall in love with crellys, which are now my favorite type of polish. And the other 3 are just as awesome! The formula is amazing, they go on very smoothly with no streaking and with 3-4 thin coats I achieved full opacity with them all. There was no fishing needed what so ever, as the glitters came out on the brush perfectly! So overall, in my opinion they are some of the best crellys I have ever swatched! So if you are a crelly polish girl like myself, these 4 polishes are a must have!

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