Disclosure Links

Disclosure Links
In accordance with FTC guidelines, cdbnails discloses pertinent post information at the top of each review post.

cdbnails reviews nail polish as well as other nail and hand care products to help customers decide and know what they are buying, however this does not guarantee a favorable review. Reviews are done based on honest evaluations of the products and the review will not be influenced or provided for pre-approval by brand/creator at all.

Understanding the Disclosure Links:
Provided for Review - This link indicates that the post contains products I did not pay for and were sent for review by brands/creators.
Purchased for Review - This link indicates that the post contains products purchased by me or given to me as a gift from someone other then the brand/creator itself, I was not sent the product by the brand/creator, which means I was not contacted by brand/creator to review the product for them.
Nothing to Disclose - This link indicates that the post has nothing to do with reviewing any products and is simply a post about an art manicure I did and/or nail art tutorial.

Blog Commenting Exchange:
cdbnails is affiliated with a Nail Polish Comment Exchange Group on Facebook. This is group consist of fellow bloggers whom comment on each others posts on the regular. Being part of said comment exchange group requires each of us to leave a comment with our honest opinions. The comments left are not influenced in any form. Please note that not all comments received are in association with these groups but are in conjunction.

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by myself only, Cheyenne Backlund. If you have any questions and/or concerns you can contact me by email. cdbnails143@gmail.com

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