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Good afternoon my fellow nail crazies!
So this is my first review post since I went on a bit of a blog hiatus, feels so good to be back, thanks to some of my followers as well as one of my nail besties! I was feeling a bit down about my blog which is why I stopped. I felt like I struggled to write what I was actually wanting to say in my reviews, pretty much felt like I just kept repeating myself and only writing straight to the point honest reviews instead of the passion I felt for each polish or collection. Well all that is going to change! I vow that each review won't just be honest but I will also go into more detail and try my best to put more of myself and personality into the posts! I want you to enjoy reading about each polish and collection, just as much as I enjoyed writing about them!

Today I'm bringing you swatches and reviews on indie polishes I either purchased, won, or was given to me that have sadly been sitting in a drawer, untouched and all lonely! I was so wrapped up in swatching polishes I was being sent that the "Untried" drawer just kept getting larger and larger! Poor things! haha Well now that I put myself on a much better swatching schedule and routine I have more time to try out the "untried" polishes! And after doing so I felt even more guilty that they were just sitting there for so long never being used! 
I decided to swatch my "untried" polishes by color, and today's post is about all the purple polishes! I had to start with the purples, if you know anything about my favorite go to polishes, then you know purple is top on that list! Now let's get started! (Please note that I was not asked to review these polishes by the brand/creator who made them. I am reviewing them for myself)

First up is Barney's Boo, made by Polishbyjessicajean. Barney's Boo is a gorgeous purple jelly polish! It is named after the big purple dinosaur from my favorite childhood show. Yes, I was obsessed with Barney and Friends. Owned all the tapes, had the shirts, backpack, lunch box and bed set! Shh! dont judge me! ;) Anyways, This is a purple jelly polish that became fully opaque with 3 coats. Now I will admit, from the looks of this polish in the bottle, I seriously believed it was not going to become opaque at all and that it would be a sheer polish! Boy was I wrong, and I'm glad I was because now this is one of my new favorite purple jellys that I own! You can wear it alone or layer your favorite glitters in there for a squishy jelly sandwich mani. All of Jessica Jeans polishes are 3 free and can be purchased from her shop at http://polishbyjessicajean.storenvy.com/ . As of right now, Barney's Boo is sold out and I'm not sure if its coming back or not, But I sure hope so because this is a polish that jellys polish lovers must own! I sealed this mani with GlistenandGlow top coat.

Next we have Lucky Star, made by BlackCatLacquer. Lucky Star is a beautiful combination of pastel pink, lilac, aqua and iridescent glitters, including my favorite glitters, stars! I love me some star polishes! haha The glitters were packed nice and snug in this topper so no fishing was required at all, even the stars came out onto the brush with no effort from me. I used one dabbing coat over "Barney's Boo" by polishbyjessicajean then sealed it with GlistenandGlow top coat. Honestly, I wished I had done a 2nd dabbing coat because as much as I loved the look with just 1 coat, I like my glitter manis to be BAM in your face glittery! haha This polish as well as a ton of other beauties are 5 free and can be purchased at http://blackcatlacquer.bigcartel.com/. Lucky Star is $9 and perfect for glitterbomb lovers.

Third is Howling at the Moon, made by TrellyPolish. Howling at the Moon is a beautiful purple jelly packed with hexes and circle glitters of various sizes as well as stars and moons! I thought for sure this was going to be one of those clumpy, stuck together glitter polishes that was going to lift right off my nails but yet again, I was happily proven wrong! I used 3 coats of this then sealed it with GlistenandGlow top coat and although I did have to do some arranging with the glitters so that they wouldn't be lumped on top of each other, they didn't stick up like I thought they would and the result blew me away! I was actually bumming that I had an art mani due that night or else I would have kept this on! haha The various glitters were perfect together and looked amazing in the purple jelly, perfect combination. Sadly, I don't believe this polish is available for purchase anymore but you can check out her other 5 free polishes at http://www.trellypolish.bigcartel.com/.

Next we have Purple Passion, made by PolishedColors. Purple Passion is a deep purple creme polish, and is a part of her "Wedding Collection". I love the color and outcome of this polish, and it became opaque on the 3rd coat. I did have to use a light hand when applying it, It went on sort of heavy and I had to really pay attention to how much polish was on the brush before I started applying it to my nails, but don't be discouraged because a lot of creme polishes I have tried are like that! This polish as well as the rest of the 5 free "Wedding Collection" polishes can be purchased at http://polishedcolors.storenvy.com/ for $5! I sealed this mani with GlistenandGlow top coat.

Fifth is When Stars Align, made by BlingBiscuitLacquers. When Stars Align is a clear glitter topper with an abundance of light purple and dark purple glitters in a range of shapes and sizes as well as large circle glitters. I used 1 dabbing coat over PolishedColors "Purple Passion" and sealed it with GlistenandGlow top coat. I did have to do some fishing for the large circles but other then that the polish was great. I actually plan on using this beauty to make a jelly sandwich mani using the jelly "Barney's Boo" by polishbyjessicajean, so keep your eyes pealed for that mani! When Stars Align is from the "Celestial Equinox Collection". I don't know if this is still available, when I go to her shop(http://www.blingbiscuitlacquers.bigcartel.com) the pages displays "We’re working on our site at the moment, Please check back soon" So hopefully it will be back sometime soon!

Next up is Lithra, also made by BlingBiscuitLacquers. Lithra is based on the zodiac sign for libra and is part of her "Celestial Equinox Collection". It is an indigo base with a purple duo chrome shimmer and iridescent hex and circles throughout. I used 3 coats to reach full opacity, although in my opinion, I think I should have used 4 coats. I then sealed it with GlistenandGlows top coat. It was so hard to capture on my camera, the shot below doesn't do the polish justice at all! The purple to blue color change was super pretty and its sparkled like crazy! Some fishing was needed for the larger glitters but other then that I loved it! Again, as stated above,  I don't know if this is still available, when I go to her shop (http://www.blingbiscuitlacquers.bigcartel.com) the pages displays "We’re working on our site at the moment, Please check back soon".

Seventh purple polish is Once in a Dream, again, another polish made by BlingBiscuitLacquers. A deep purple jelly that contains matte teal hexes in various sizes. I used 3 thin coats to achieve full opacity then topped it with GlistenandGlows top coat. This fun squishy jelly went on great and no fishing was necessary for the glitter. I was excited to try this because it consist of my 2 favorite colors and once applied I wasn't disapointed! The color combination was amazing, the teal really pops out at you, which honestly, was one of my original concerns, i really thought the teal glitters would be over powered by the jelly but I was incorrect, they worked perfectly together. Again, I don't know if this is still available since her store is closed but follow her on Instagram to stay up to date! http://www.blingbiscuitlacquers.bigcartel.com

Now we have Lilac Dreams, made by KBShimmer. Lilac Dreams is a subtle duo-chrome glitter polish that shifts from a medium purple to a pink depending on the light. It also contains Aqua, silver and black glitters. I used 3 thin coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with GlistenandGlows top coat. I was very excited about this polish, it consist of 3 of my favorite things, the colors purple and aqua and a ton of sparkly glitters!! This went on very well and unlike a lot of ultrafine glitter packed polishes this doesn't go on thick. It spread on my nail very evenly and left no clumps. Sadly no matter how hard I tried my camera wouldn't capture the full beauty of this polish. It is perfect for glitter lovers like myself! This polish is on the discontinued list and is currently $7.50, so grab it while you can, you won't regret it! https://www.kbshimmer.com/

And finally, last up from my untried purple indies is Fading Cherry Blossoms, made by LusciousPotions. Fading Cherry Blossoms is a beautiful scattered holo thermal, a soft lavender when warm and a soft fuchsia pink when cool. Guys, this has become my new favorite thermal polish that I own, and what's exciting is I actually have a few more from this collection in my "untried" drawer to try in other colors, so keep your eyes pealed for those swatches and reviews!  I used 2 coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with GlistenandGlows top coat. The formula is amazing and goes on so smoothly like butter. Her shop is currently closed for maintenance and I'm not exactly sure when it opens back up but if your a thermal polish lover then when it does open again, you seriously need to get your hands on this polish! http://www.lusciouspotion.bigcartel.com/

It took me a few days to get through these purples but overall I was highly satisfied with the results. A lot of them were actually the first polishes I have used of theirs and because of the excellent results I will be adding more of their polishes to my wishlist! Hopefully my reviews make you want to do the same, So check out their shops(links in the polish reviews) you guys will definitely want to add them to your nail polish collection!! 

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my first post back after my hiatus, and hopefully I achieved my goal to put my personality and passion back into the reviews! Have a good day/night everyone, byebye my fellow nail crazies!  

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