Liquid AfterGlow Lacquer May 2014

Hello my fellow Nail Crazies!
Happy Thursday everyone! The week is almost over! Sadly, I'm writing this while my poor hubs is getting his first ever tooth extraction and obviously I'm nervous for him so I'm hoping writing and sharing with you these beautiful and fun polishes will help keep my mind busy!

Today I bring you swatches and reviews for 4 3-free polishes(free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, or Dibutyl Phthalate) made by LiquidAfterglowLacquer. We have a top coat, 2 newly released crellys and the fourth is a crelly that will be released in her next restock! So let's start!

First we have Totally Rad. Totally Rad is a purple crelly that contains an abundance of neon glitters of numerous shapes and sizes. I used 2 coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with her wet look top coat. This is my favorite from this set of polishes. It is purple, which is my favorite polish color and it also has neon glitters, for those of you who know me, I'm pretty obsessed with neon's, not just with nail related products but neon items in general, especially neon green, which this polish has! haha The formula was great, especially for a crelly with a lot of glitters. Most crellys that contain a lot of glitter can be very thick and make the polish seem chunky, but this in no way was like that. It went on very evenly on my nails and no fishing was needed at all! You can purchase this polish for $9.00

Next up is Melon Berry. Melon Berry is a pale pink crelly with a silver holo shimmer base, loaded with green and black square glitters, and Guava colored circles. I used 2 coats to reach full opacity then topped it with her wet look top coat. Again, this went on great and no clumping with the glitters, although some fishing was required for the large circles. This polish went with its name perfectly! To me, the colors resembled raspberries, black berries and Guava, hence my accent nail! haha I love food and some of my favorite polishes are named after food, so of course I was excited when I received this polish and that the results of the mani were so good. You can purchase this for $9.00

Third is Birthday Batter. Birthday Batter is a off white to creamy yellow crelly that contains pink, blue and purple hexes of numerous sizes. I used 2 coats to reach full opacity and sealed it with her wet look top coat. Okay guys, again, a food named after polish so of course I was intrigued! haha Not to mention the fact that my other hobby is baking and cake decorating and as soon as I seen this polish and the name of it I pictured a funfetti cake mix! This is exactly what that batter looks like! She nailed the comparison perfectly! Plus the formula was great, no clumping of the glitters when applying it and no fishing was required. This polish isn't available in her shop yet but it will be in her next restock, so follow her on instagram to find out when this will be sold!

Last we have Wet Look Top Coat. I don't really have specific pictures for this but if you look at all the swatches above you can see just how shiny this top coat is! It dries completely in about 5min and leaves the polish with that glossy wet look. The top coat does have a pink tint which may scare some of you away and I had the same concerns. I really thought it would leave all my manis with this pink tone over it, but I still had to try. So I did test it obviously and as you can see in all the colored polishes manis above, no pink tint! BUT I will say, when I used it over very light colored polishes like a white or off white it did have a slightly pink tint. My husband said he couldn't see it but I could but It also could have been because I was looking for it haha You can get the Wet Look Top Coat for $7.00

Overall, I loved every single crelly in this set. The formulas were great and the fact that all 3 crellys only needed 2 coats as well as little to no fishing was a huge plus for me! I highly recommend you check out her shop for these polishes as well as all her other beautiful polishes!
I hear she has a Carebear inspired collection coming in a couple months! So stay tuned! ;)

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