Polished Colors May 2014

Good Evening My fellow Nail Crazies!
It's finally the weekend! whoo hoo! Jeeze this week felt so long! Hubby is feeling much better since his tooth extraction a couple days ago, but now my nail bestie is sick and at the hospital and I wish I lived closer so I could be there for support, hate not being able to be there for my friends! I won't say who it is but please keep her in your thoughts! So again, I'm hoping writing this blog will keep my mind busy!

  So let's get started! Tonight I'm bringing you some swatches and reviews on 2 polishes from PolishedColors. One I purchased and the other was sent with it for me to swatch and review but of course I wanted to review both polishes, and luckily the polishes actually went well together so I was able to use both together!

First up is the polish I bought, which is Something Tiffany Blue. This is a pale Tiffany blue full of shimmer. I used 3 thin coats to achieve full opacity then sealed it with GlistenandGlows top coat. I loved the shimmer in this polish the most, it made a beautiful subtle sparkle. The formula was a little thick, I had to paint with a light hand, and because of this make sure you wait at least a full 5min between coats to avoid clumping of the layers. Sadly, I did have some issues with some of the pigment powder that didn't disperse into the polish fully so it made the finish mani look a little grainy but once I sealed it with the top coat it wasn't nearly as noticeable. This polish is from her "Wedding Collection" and is sold for $5.

Next is Psychedelic Flower Child. This is a clear glitter topper that contains blue, neon green, bright pink and red glitters of all different shapes and sizes. I used 1 dabbing coat over "Something Tiffany Blue" then sealed it with GlistenandGlow Top coat. This polish was groooovy duuude! haha no but in all seriousness, Psychedelic Flower Child is a super fun glitter topper. Little fishing was needed, even the large flower glitters came out onto the brush easily. Only problem I had was the larger glitters kept sticking together so I did have to do some placement to move them off of each other. But overall I was happy with this topper.

Overall, I give Something Tiffany Blue 3 out 5 stars, although I loved the color and the shimmer, the pigment powder being left behind in the mani and making it grainy brought the rating down a bit. Psychedelic Flower Child gets a 4 out of 5. For a glitter topper this polish was pretty close to perfect, very, very little fishing was needed and although the larger glitters needed some placement, in my experience that tends to happen and there really isn't much you can do about it, larger glitters just gravitate to each other like magnets haha

Right now Polished Colors shop is down for maintenance but I know when she comes back she will be restocking so keep your eyes open for these polishes! Thank you for reading and I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Provided for Review

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