Born Pretty Water Decals part 1

Hello my fellow nail crazies!
I hope everyone is having a good start to their weekend! I'll be spending mine relaxing with the husband and hopefully doing some nail art instead of swatches! But today I do have something a little different then swatches to share with you. I have water decal manis!! I am so excited to share these with you as this is the first time I have ever used water decals! I'll admit, I was terrified! I thought for sure I was going to do a hack job and surprisingly they weren't as intimidating as they looked! Takes some time and patience but they do work pretty well! All decals used on these manis were sent for review by the Born Pretty Store. Lets get right into it!

First up is some snake/lizard skin and tiger fur themed full nail water decals. These are called "4Patterns Fantastic Lizard Fierce Tiger Patterned Nail Art Water Decals Transfers Sticker". Item #12399. They sell for $2.88.
I started with the tiger themed ones and came up with this mani.
I love how they turned out! I'm not a huge fan of the normal brownish gold and black tiger look but the review isn't based on what I prefer, it's based on quality of product and for full nail water decals I feel like they were great. Directions were very simple to follow and with some patience anyone can do them. Here are some macro shots to show how well they transferred and easy clean up just as if it were nail polish.

Next from this product I did a mani using the lizard skin decals. Of course I preferred these over the tiger ones because they were teal, which is one of my favorite colors, but in all honesty snakes, lizards or any creepy crawly thing wigs me out lol but I know snake skin is a huge thing people are into these days with nails so I wanted to try them to show all you snake skin lovers what they look like. 

As you can see they come large enough to form to your nail and just as you would with nail polish, using a small angled paint brush/make up brush and acetone you simply clean up any pieces hanging off. Here is a break down on how to do this.
To apply:
1.Trim, clean and polish the fingernails; paint the background color on the fingernails and let dry. The directions on the package says to use the same color polish as the backing of the transfer for best results. The backing on mine was white. So I used one coat of white polish and then a fast dry top coat. Waited about 20min before I continued with the transfer.
2. Remove the clear plastic film off product, cut out the shape and size you want and dip it into water for 10-20 seconds. 
3. Carefully slide decal off backing.
4. Moisten the fingernails, stick the patter in position. 
5. Sop up the water with a paper towel/face cloth by carefully dabbing the decal and then blow dry.
6. Seal with a top coat and let dry. 

Seems scary right? But its not, does take some practice but with patience you can do this! Like I stated above, this was the first time I have ever used nail water decals and they may not have been perfect but still good! As long as you follow directions and take your time anyone can manage these!
To order this product as well as other great items visit and dont forget to use code SBJ61 to receve 10% off your order!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend! Until Next time!

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