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Happy Friday my fellow nail crazies!
TGIF! Woot woot! Today is a busy day for me! I have new living room furniture being delivered today and I also have a few nail things I need to get done. Ah well, anything to keep me occupied and waiting for the weekend to begin! haha I'm finally feeling a little more like myself and my usual routine is falling back into place, Finally! Anyways, today I have some swatches and reviews for 4 polishes made by a new indie called Sassy Polish and Scrubs. Let's get right to it!
As a swatcher and reviewer I feel it is my "job" to write honest reviews, good or bad because some customers rely on myself and other reviewers input before they purchase a product. So keeping that in mind, the photos below are very different then the photos available on Sassy Polish and Scrubs website. My experience with each polish wasn't bad but they were not what I was expecting. The swatch stick photos on her shop site look very different then what my swatches look like. I discussed this concern with the creator and she came to the conclusion that since each polish is made to order then each polish bottle will be different. As stated above, this does not mean the polishes themselves were of poor quality or anything of that nature, just simply not what I was expecting. 

First up we have Italian Love Affair. Italian Love Affair is described on shop site as a bright purple holo but the mini I received was a pale lavender pearlescent with holo glitter. I used 3 coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with GlistenandGlows top coat. The formula was good and application was very smooth. Everyone knows I love me some purple polish and this one is a very pretty pastel but I would have preferred the bright purple as shown in shop. 

Next is Teal We Meet Again. Teal We Meet Again is described in shop as a teal holographic polish that will look like mermaid scales on your nails. I used 3 coats to achieve about 90% opacity and sealed it with GlistenandGlows top coat. The formula and application was okay, It wasn't as opaque as I was expecting and the color was also a lot lighter then shown in shop. It applied like a jelly polish would.

Third is Ruby Red Rose. Ruby Red Rose is a burnt red polish with gold holographic shine. I used 3 coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with GlistenandGlows top coat. Out of all 4 polishes, this was the only one that looked as it did in the shop photos. The formula and application were great. Usually a purple or teal polish is my number one choice but this red was my favorite. It is bright but classy at the same time and the tiny gold glitters made it even prettier!

Last up is Ocean Glow. Ocean Glow is an ocean blue polish with a green to yellow shimmer. I used 4 coats to achieve about 95% opacity and sealed it with GlistenandGlows top coat. Again, like Ruby Red Rose this was pretty similar the photo on shop site but still a lot lighter and less opaque then excepted. The formula was good and it applied smoothly. It applied like a jelly polish would. I really enjoyed the effect this polish had and the name fit the color perfectly.

Overall I give these polishes a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Formulas were good and application was pretty easy but half of them were not at all what I was expecting them to look like. When I ordered them the pictures I seen as examples of each polish were brighter and the polish texture even looked different. Please do not mis- understand my point though, I can't express this enough, the quality of the polishes I did receive were not bad. I just wish the advertisement of each polish was portrayed better so I had a better idea of what I was purchasing. Again, shop owner stated to me that each polish is made to order, which means when someone orders a polish she makes it right then and there, she doesn't make large batches and this may be why the polishes differ. I really hate writing anything negative in my reviews and if I have to I try my best to be as professional and honest as possible without being harsh and I hope that's what I did today. 
You can buy these polishes as minis for $4 or as full size for $7.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Until next time!

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