Dr.who & Farm Animals

Happy Hump Day my fellow Nail Crazies!
So I'm going to try this new thing where I post a blog featuring the art manis I've done instead of just reviews and today I have 2 to share with you. One is for the #randomnailsartjune challenge created by @jamylyn_nails and @maeflowernails and the other is the first of another June challenge my bff @roselynn787 and myself decided to do for the month of June. I love participating in these challenges because It lets me fall back into my original passion in the nail community and that's nail art. Don't get me wrong, I love swatching but sometimes I like to just sit and fully focus on turning my nails into little canvas' haha! So the challenges pretty much force me to take a break in between swatching to do that! 

First up we have Day #3, "Farm Animals" for #randomnailartjune. I wanted to do something simple but cute, kind of children's book type characters and this is what I came up with.
I used ColorClubs "Feelin' Groovy" as my base, painted the animals with acrylic paints and sealed it with GlistenandGlows top coat. These were pretty easy to do, although I'm pretty sure my horse looks like a hippy donkey! haha! My favorite is the cow! Now that I'm sitting here staring at them I do wish I did more with the background but ah well! Think I achieved that children's book look though! Im happy with them.

Next, is the first mani from me and @roselynn787 personal June challenge. We wanted to do our own challenge each month as #bestietwinnails and for the month of June we decided on our favorite movies and tv shows as mani themes. First up for this challenge is my all time favorite movie and #1 obsession, Doctor Who! I am beyond obsessed with this show and all characters in it! My living room is starting to look like a Doctor Who museum hahaha! So I was extremely excited to do this mani! I could do doctor who manis everyday! haha! okay enough with my obsession and on to the mani!
I used PolishMeSillys "Love the Hue" as my base, acrylics paints for detail, LiquidAfterglow holo glitter top coat and sealed it with GlistenandGlows top coat. Now I have done a ton of Doctor Who manis already but something about this one makes it my favorite so far. The idea I was going for is the opening credit scene where the Tardis is flying through a space warm hole thing, spinning like crazy and getting zapped by lightning. Did I portray that? haha Hope so! I know the whole time I was painting this I heard the opening theme song in my head bahahaha! I did the galaxy type mani then added swirls and lightning ect. to make it look more Doctor Who-ish and I think the holo glitter polish really pulled it all together. I'm so sad I have to take this off today to start swatching! Boo! haha Anyways, I am really happy and proud of this mani and I hope you all enjoy it too! 

That's it for art manis today but if you have any questions on how I did anything in these manis or what products I used please leave a comment an I will respond asap! Hope everyone has a good day! Till next time!

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