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Good Evening my Fellow Nail Crazies!
So tonight instead of swatches I have some reviews on a couple products I have been using and I wanted to share with you my results and comparisons. Now as a swatcher these reviews may differ from those who use  these products for every day wear and tear use. I do anywhere from 2 to 10 swatches/manis a day and I use these base coats for numerous reasons, BUT I do not use either If I plan on keeping the mani on longer then a day! Now let's get started.

Whenever I'm swatching the idea of having to use acetone after each swatch is scary. It makes your nails brittle, dry and weak so when I was told that Yellow Stopper can be used as a peel off base coat I had to try it out. And I was happy with the results, not 100% but until I can find something else that's better this is what I'm stuck with. In the protecting my nails from turning yellow aspect, I wouldn't know, as I stated above, I'm only using it for swatching so I don't keep it on long enough to tell if it works, but in the peel off base coat aspect it does work pretty well. 

But then OPI "Glitter Off" came out and I thought, Yes! Finally something specifically meant to peel polish off! So I ordered it, for myself and my nail bestie @roselynn787(who is also a swatcher). We both recently tested it and surprisingly our results were a little different, so be sure to check her blog review out as well! 

I followed the directions on the bottle of Glitter Off and applied 1 coat.
It looks and smells exactly like those DIY water and elmers glue base coats!(which I tried and failed! haha!) It also has a flat brush so it applies very easily and evenly. Okay so here is where a lot of peoples reviews on this product differ. I have read on numerous blogs that it takes a minute to dry and then on others it says 5-15min. Obviously I was hoping for the 1-5min. Sadly, mine took a little over 15min to completely dry.  It dries a matte clear with a tint of white to it. 
Now waiting 15min to dry may be okay for people who are not using this for swatching. I don't have the time to wait 15min for my base coat to dry for each swatch. Swatching already takes up most of my day so the drying time alone threw this polish out the window for me but I still wanted to test the peeling for those of you who want to use this for a normal mani.

I did my mani as I usually do, 3 thin coats and top coat, letting each coat dry 5-8min in between. Took my swatching pics and was ready to test the peeling. I used my cuticle pusher to scrap the polish off, starting at the cuticle areas(be sure to not pull on your actual cuticles!)
As you can see from the pictures above, it did peel off. Pretty well too and I'm sure if my mani was on even longer it would have been a lot easier. Below is what the end result was.

Still some left over polish but at least you don't have to soak your nails in acetone to get the polish off. I cleaned the rest of it off with q-tips.
So I wanted to check again for comparison so I used both the Glitter Off and Yellow Stopper as bases for it. Below are the results.
OPI comes off a lot easier and as a whole with very little left over polish where as the yellow stopper was a little bit harder to peel off and there was more polish left over. So in my opinion, if you plan on keeping the mani on longer then I do and you are not using this for swatching purposes then use the OPI Glitter Off as your peel off base coat. But if you are a swatcher and time is of the essence for you, I wouldn't recommend the Glitter Off because the dry time is pretty long.

OPI Glitter Off sells for around $9 and is a 0.5 fl oz bottle. Yellow Stopper sells for around the same price for the large round bottle which is 2.5 fl oz. So that's it guys, I hope this review was helpfull to you and if you have any questions feel free to comment below! Have a good night!

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