Happy Friday my fellow nail crazies!!
I bet everyone is looking forward to the weekend, I know I am! I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do and I have been either sick or too busy to get any of it done so I plan on doing so this weekend! Can't deal with all this clutter any longer haha
Anyways, onto the nail fun! I have been using products from the company that I am reviewing today for months on end and have purchased from her numerous times and I finally am able to do gather a bunch of my manis to do a review on all the products I bought. Today I bring you Nail Vinyls! Known as @tiesmom on Instagram! Not only are her vinyls amazing but Linda is super sweet and has very good customer service. She has a ton of vinyls to choose from as well as vinyl stickers to put on your car, helmers ect. So let's get right into it!
Be aware that this is a long post but covers about 90% of the vinyls sold in her shop!

First up is Zebra Vinyls. You can purchase these in a 45 count for $15 or a 15 count for $6.
Picture below is copyrighted by NailVinyls
In my opinion these are the hardest to use out of all the nail vinyls she sells and they scared the crap out of me! haha It just seemed way too hard to pull the whole vinyl off with all those random stripes without messing it up somehow but I was wrong. I figured out a way to do so without smudging. What I did was pulled from one side to the center and stopped then pulled from the other side and completely removed it from the center. does that make sense?  lol maybe Ill have to do a video tutorial. Either way. the result was really good. Below are pics of my most recent mani using these vinyls.

Next is Lightning Bolts. You can purchase these in a 120 count for $12.50 or a 40 count for $5
Picture below is copyrighted by NailVinyls
The lightning bolts are the most recent vinyls I have purchased. I used them to do a harry potter mani because of course they reminded me of Harrys scar! haha The lines were so crisp and perfect with these vinyls.

Third is Straights Variety. You can purchase these in a 600 count for $15 and in a 200 count for $6
Picture below is copyrighted by NailVinyls
These babies are my second favorite out of all her vinyls. The straights come in a variety of sizes, can be used in so many ways and they are in my opinion the easiest to use! In the mani below I used the thinnest straights in the pack.

The mani above brings us to the next set of vinyls. The Stars Variety sheet. You can purchase these in a 60 count for $15 and in a 20 count for $6.
Picture below is copyrighted by NailVinyls
Now when she released these I was extremely happy! I can freehand a lot of shapes but man...Stars and hearts are my kryptonite! haha! These made things so much easier when wanting to add stars to a mani. In the mani below I took one vinyl and did one star at a time. My nails are too short and nail bed is too small to just wrap the vinyl over my nail. the stars don't come out clean and crisp when I did it that way but once I realized I could do each star separately it worked great!

Next is Hearts. Sadly she no longer sells these but I still wanted to share, maybe she will bring them back one day ;-) I used these just like I did with the stars.

The sixth vinyl I have to share is is the Half Moons. You can purchase these in a 150 count for $12.50 and in a 50 count for $5.
Picture below is copyrighted by NailVinyls
I got a sample of these in a larger order so I only had enough to do 2 manis. They are very easy to use and come with 2 different sizes on the sheet. In the mani below I also used her thin straights for the top.
Please note, in the mani below I did NOT use vinyls from teismon to do the flared vector lines, to achieve that look I used striping tape because they are much thinner which is what you need to do that look. But I did use the half moons for the half circle shape.

Next up is The Single Chevron. You can purchase these in a 240 count for $12.50 and a 80 count for $5.
Picture below is copyrighted by NailVinyls
I have had these for awhile but just used them for the first time and again another easy to use vinyl.

The Eighth Vinyl is Chevron. These can be purchased in a 300 count for $12.50 and in a 100 count for $5.
Picture below is copyrighted by NailVinyls
These are the average size chevrons. I have used these numerous times. Because there are so many corners you do have to be more careful pulling the vinyl off to keep a nice and clean edge but still very easy to use. In the mani below I used 2 vinyls together to make chevron leave a wider space. But you can actually achieve this look by buying the Chevron Maxis she also carries. Which I don't have.

Last up we have Chevron Minis. You can purchase these in a 300 count for $12.50 and in a 100 count for $5.
Picture below is copyrighted by NailVinyls

 I use these babies A LOT! haha usually on accent nails when swatching. Again like the above chevrons, you need to be more careful removing them to keep a nice and crisp edge. These are my favorite to use and I make sure I always have these in my vinyl inventory haha!
Below is the most recent manis I've done using these chevrons, and I also used her straights for the first pic.

Overall I give Nail Vinyls by Teismom a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Only issue I had was with the stars and zebra vinyls and they weren't really issues per-say, more like more difficult to use and the zebra ones are hard to use on smaller nails. I still use them all just takes a lot more time and patience but I'm sure with enough practice I'll be able to do them just as well as the others! 
What I love most about these vinyls is as long as you use a good fast drying top coat and wait at least 10-15min for it to dry these vinyls don't pull off the polish. I have a ton of other vinyls that I can't use from other companies unless I sit for hours to wait for the mani to overly dry lol or else the vinyl/sticker peels my polish right off, even if I use my fast drying top coats. The top coat I use when applying vinyls is GlistenandGlows

So what are you waiting for! Go on over to and purchase your vinyls today! If you cant decide which ones you want you can always purchase the Variety Packs for either $92.25 or $36.90

These manis were all done over a long period of time hence the different nail shapes and lengths and also because of this I lost track of what polishes were used but if you want to know a specific color comment below and Ill let yah know :) Until next time!

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